Rivers charged with forgery


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Kirk Rivers, director of Rivers Community Funeral Home and a former Elizabeth City city councilor, has been charged with common law forgery, according to an arrest warrant the Pasquotank County Magistrate’s Office released Friday.

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The Riveres are ALWAYS doing

The Riveres are ALWAYS doing something illegal.

Get his brother to call the NAACP

Maybe his brother Keith will call the NAACP to get him out....

The right Reverend Barber

will lead the protest. Maybe it will attract Rachael Maddow, Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton.

Let's see, income tax evasion, insurance fraud

and now forgery. Aren't charges against Councilman Michael Brooks still pending? I don't recall any charges in the Dodge Durango incident in Washington, NC with Councilman Rivers at the wheel. And don't forget about former Councilman W.A. Lehmann who was Nifonged with a charge of assault of Andrea Simpson at the close of a council meeting in council chambers while he stood next to an E. City policeman, a DA reporter and the prominent owner of an E. City Bed and Breakfast. There must be something about serving on city councils that drive participants a bit crazy.

This Would Make

a good novel about life in a corrupt southern town. town. Way down upon the Swanee Rivers.

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