Sales tax to push up electric bills

By Jon Hawley

The Daily Advance

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Utility customers across the Albemarle are likely to see a 4 percent increase in their bills starting July 1, thanks to their electricity purchases becoming subject to sales tax for the first time.

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Do the math

For your average user, 4 per cent of $151.00 is $6.04 per month or $72.48 extra in sales tax per year.

For the folks you list in your article:

A typical married couple filing jointly with two children and annual income of $20,000 would lose $69.48 per year.

Couples with two children making $40,000 would net $7.52 per year

Couples with two children making $60,000 would net $11.52. Since we live in the 4th poorest congressional district in America and have a median city income of around $24,000.00 it would seem that most of our citizens would lose money and thus not be held harmless. These are the real issues we as council should be working on.

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