Ruby Abbott, (left) holds up a sign saying
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Ruby Abbott, (left) holds up a sign saying "We (the heart symbol) public schools" while attending a "moment of silence" event at Waterfront Park in Elizabeth City, Wednesday. The event was sponsored by the Pasquotank and Camden chapters of the North Carolina Association of Educators to express support for the state's public schools.

Seeing RED: Protesters decry spending decisions

By Corinne Saunders

The Daily Advance

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An event held in Elizabeth City on Wednesday for supporters of public education to express concerns about state policy and spending decisions was officially billed as a “moment of silence.”

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If I'm not mistaken,

over half( approx. $11.7 billion) of the total recently passed NC budget goes to education. This current administration inherited about a $2.7 billion debt left by the previous Democrat administration. By lowering taxes, the current administration has finally made NC competitive for business with adjoining VA and SC. NC's unemployment rate is coming down with this new business climate attracting jobs to our state. The NCAE and educators want more money. They've always wanted more money. That's the NCAE mantra. I want more jobs for the good citizens of NC. It takes a long time to turn the battleship around, but it's happening. Eventually with the new jobs and improvement to our economy, revenues through taxes will be up as well. NC is finally headed in the right direction. Throwing more money at education doesn't necessarily make it better.


NCAE will do anything to bankrupt this state.The Democrats had total control of the senate and legislature and THEY did NOTHING for them. What more do they want??? Everyone else has to work 12 months, one to two weeks of vacation and not nearly as many holidays as the teachers get. Teachers are making themselves look worse each day they complain about their raise not being enough.

Thank you Bill Hiemer!

Thank you for acknowledging that this article was enlightening and possibly gave you a new perspective to think about. Best, Dorsey Harris


Ms. Saunders - Thank-you for your extensive coverage of this event. Especially appreciate the comments you included from teachers in attendance. Opened my eyes on a few things, including salary increases. Well done. With 2 of 3 sons serving as teachers, it is a profession near & dear. Again, thanks for another well written article - I enjoy your work! Bill Hiemer

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