Elizabeth City State University,  pictured Thursday, is the only campus in the 16-member UNC system that meets criteria of a Senate budget plan for study and closure.

Thomas J. Turnery/The Daily Advance

Elizabeth City State University, pictured Thursday, is the only campus in the 16-member UNC system that meets criteria of a Senate budget plan for study and closure.

Senate bill: Study closure of ECSU

By Corinne Saunders

The Daily Advance

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The state Senate’s $21 billion budget for next year includes a provision that officials say orders the University of North Carolina system to both study and plan for the closure of Elizabeth City State University.

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We for our local leaders to come up with solutions to reach a compromise with the Republican Assembly to save ECSU. One option would be to have the Governor to remove the current trustees and appoint new ones that are not of the ECSU "family". ECSU is too valuable to just lose because of never ending inefficiencies of the current powers.


It could just be coincidence but I wonder if COA's president knew about this? Didn't she just get reprimanded for requesting directly to the governor for starting a four year degree program? Please don't start a witch hunt, after all she is not in the Senate but just curious about the timing.

Sad but true

Despite the shenanigans and scandals that have rocked ECSU over the past few years, it is true that the school is still one of the most vital cornerstones of northeastern NC. It would be a shame to shutter the school rather than to attempt a less costly attempt to further restructure the institution, starting with a complete replacement of the entrenched culture of corruption in some parts of the school's hierarchy, something that Becton seems to be successful at. However, uprooting such a culture takes time, which in the mean time provides ample fodder for the bureaucrats in Raleigh to use against our little corner of the state.

Link to bill

Here is the link to the proposed Senate s744 bill. It is in section 11.6:


It is more than obvious that ECSU was targeted. By whom? and for what purpose? Anyone remotely familiar with the area knows the devastating ripple effect would ruin any remaining signs of a local economy causing a much larger and longer cost to the State than the school's fixable losses. While ECSU has major problems it does serve the need for a large portion of the population of North Eastern NC. This is just a continuance of many questionable bills dumping on North East NC, be it Fracking Waste Water dumping to restarting concerns over the long thought dead "mega" dump in Camden. Unfortunately we have very few friends in the State Government willing to stand up to represent us. County Commissioner Dixon's conspiracy theory might be correct.

What is the bottom line?

ECSU is losing a lot of money. If it were a business, the correct thing would be to close the campus. It is a hard decision, but one that must be made. 1 out of 16 is horrendous!

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