Senate drops ECSU closure study


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A legislative proposal to study closing Elizabeth City State University has been removed from the Senate version of the state budget that senators were set to approve late Friday night.

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Good!!! Good sense finally prevailed if the university had close it would have been terrible for the region. What do you replace it with?? Did you think about that. Some of those locally who just a few days ago where "hating on the university" are now acting as if they are happy. GET REAL. You don't have the best interest of the community at heart now and never will!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Clarion Call

Citizens of northeastern North Carolina, no one wins when we do not work together. It's apparent that there are those who think there is no civilization east of I-95 (with imaginary line drawn around Greenville). In many instances, the local media does not help the cause. ECSU is the region's university. WITN gives daily free press to ECU and only reports negative news regarding ECSU. Our university and region could benefit from some good local press coverage. Let's start with The Daily Advance.

Sen. Cook is a very effective representative

He was on this like ugly on an ape and had the language removed in less than 48 hours. He's sure got my vote!

Ugly is this

May 29 - Cook said he opposes closing ECSU but will nonetheless vote for the Senate budget when it comes up for a vote that he expects will be on Saturday. Cook said he believes fellow senators are ready to approve next year’s budget “and there’s not much we can do about it at this point.”

May 30 - Following local outcry — and Elizabeth City officials saying any moves to close ECSU could cost Cook re-election — Cook announced the provision would be stripped from the budget.

The removal admendment was a "shoe in" due to statewide bad press, that was why Tillman and Apodaca declined interview requests. The admendment only had to presented, to be approved.

OK, George.

Obviously not willing to give credit where it is due. Tillman and Apadoca worried about a reaction about ECSU? Seriously, get real. Statewide, many, many people believe this campus is not worth public money. I believe them to be wrong but many believe it. Notice Chancellor Becton talked about how often this topic comes up, even ten years ago? Unless Bill Cook had taken the time and initiative to ask for this language to be removed on behalf of his District, it would very likely have been in the bill approved last night in my opinion. Thank you Senator Cook and all those who made constructive efforts to make the case for ECSU and removal of this language. Your efforts are appreciated-but apparently only by some. What else is new in this world full of partisan agendas.

Do you call everyone who does their jobs heros?

Would you call the mailman who delivers your mail 3 hours late because they had to be reminded that the mail was important and they will be fired, a hero? Or would you call for his replacement?

I don't think you fully understand how bad the Senate would look to close a college in the poorest region of the state. Sympathy and compassion are traits of a rational human in good mind. It is in the bible to:

"give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime"

As far as partisan agendas. There is no need for name calling or implied name calling. You have changed your tune from yesterday when you were in agreeance with me:

"I would have to agree with your complaint about Sen. Cooke's quote. If accurate, he is deserving of the criticism. Regardless of the inevitability of any vote result, it is his responsibility to make his position, and our best interest as his constituents, known. I expect to hear my State Senator say what he will do on our behalf, not whine about obstacles." - fairnessinmedia

Or do you need more proof that Cook only did his job after much prodding?

"Elizabeth City Mayor Peel said he got on the phone with Cook 10 minutes after learning of the provision Thursday, to express his “deep concern.” Peel said Cook responded then that he was not sure he would be able to do anything to prevent the bill from passing the Senate.

Peel said he responded that if the Senate budget passed with the provision, it would affect the city and the region and signify the end of Cook’s career."

Yes, in contrast with you apparently

I can discuss when I think someone has done the wrong thing but then credit them for doing the right thing. Prodding? A call from the Mayor of Elizabeth City, a community that will in very large numbers likely not support Cook and you call that significant prodding? Please.

We need new aggressive representation

Yea, Cook FINALY did his JOB. This is of course only after giving a statement of apathy to the Daily Advance and nearly every member of our local government telling him this is dire. Cook has to be replaced. The unsung heros is actualy the Legislative Black Caucus that made sure this story was posted in nearly every major newspaper in the state.

County Commissioner Dixon's conspiracy therory appears correct after just only a brief internet search on Apodaca. Apodaca was the one responsible for the Crime Lab going to the western part of state even though the crime lab back logs are in the east. He now shows an aggresive strategy of going after what should be ours. Copy the link below and paste it into a new window to send this joker a message:

Here is the info about the crime lab:

You are very uninformed if you think the

Legislative Black caucus had any influence in this outcome, in my opinion. Again, outside of our region, most people could care less whether this campus remains open. In fact most do not even know there is a campus of UNC here and that has a lot to do with a small group of persons refusing to allow this University to be recognized as a campus of UNC. If you had a state-wide vote for whether the money the State spends on this campus should be diverted to other campuses or remain in the public coffers for other expenses or keep this one open with almost 1/3 drop in enrollment and a greater per student subsidy than any other, you think compassion etc. would have the third option prevail?

Please make the case that

Mr. White would be a more effective representative and what he would/could have done to resolve this issue if he was in Senator Cook's shoes this term. Include how he would have more expediently had this language removed.Please include any accomplishment he had for the region as a Senator when he was serving.

When you are done representing

a advertisement for the Democrat party, let me know. I believe it was your vehement defense of Mr. Dixon's position of who he preferred manage the hospital, I recall. Mr. Dixon is fortunate to have such a staunch defender of all things Dixon on here. Mr.Dixon was completely irresponsible as the Chairman of the County Commissioners to speculate about anything on our behalf and his doing so is completely detrimental to positive relationships with those in authority-a foolish endeavor by someone in leadership representing all of our interests. Joe Peel on the other hand was a model of appropriate leadership on the issue. I imagine those in the West had a huge amount of resentment when Senator Basnight brought largess to us as well. We liked it-they resented it I am sure. Now you find fault with another Senator looking out for his back yard? Hypocrisy at it's best.


Your facts are wong. I actualy attacked Dixon as part of the reason why the hospital needed to be sold. I still stand by my reasoning. History will prove who was right on the hospital but we are not talking about the hospital.

Were you not a Vident supporter thus

supportive of Dixon's preference? Re-read my post.

Talk about an effective politician...

his name is Senator Bill Cook. Remember that name in November.

Sen. Cook

did the right thing.

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