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Smith, Steinburg debate ed spending

By Corinne Saunders

Staff Writer

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EDENTON — In a rare public disagreement, the superintendent of a local school district is taking issue with state Rep. Bob Steinburg’s explanations of state lawmakers’ education spending decisions.

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The education pretender

Steinburg tells half the story...“I had supported keeping master’s pay and Teaching Fellows,” Steinburg responded. “I’m working toward reinstituting both.” Not true he voted for the bill that ended master's pay and Teaching Fellows. Just like he voted for the bill that ended gap funding for the mid-county bridge, he voted for the bill which ended master's pay and Teaching Fellows. After Steinburg's dismal meltdown at the Currituck Education Forum, you would think he would find another topic to argue about, not an issue like education in which he has absolutely no experience or knowledge. His voting record is one that is totally against public education and higher teacher pay. He views teachers as whiners led by the NEA. Hopefully one of the Republicans talking about running against Steinburg will do so. We need a choice.


Its obvious that although your username is "unaffiliated", you are absolutely a "far left" leaner!!

The fact was also known that when

the Federal funding ran out, yes when...NOT IF, that everyone of them would then be eligible for unemployment funds which the school would be liable for. When I asked why you would do this to a school system the answer was it would be too much publicity not to accept the funds. So the circle has no end.

Teacher Assistants

were funded by temporary federal funding. The superintendent knew this when he accepted the money. Why is he now complaining when the state does not continue the failed policies of the past. I agree that Mr. Smith should offer some of his excessive salary to paid for a teacher aide.

Oh, please.

Smith "intended" to keep the conversation private? Really? Then why put it in a letter and not a phone call and distribute it to other people? I am so tired of these entrenched administrators in Education complaining about teacher's compensation out of one side of their mouth while accepting ridiculous six figure salaries themselves. Pay for your teacher assistant out of your own bloated pay, Mr. Smith. Teachers are crazy if they think the administrators have their best interest at heart. I say cut the funding to all Superintendents by 25% and apply that money to supplies. Thank you Rep. Steinburg for not buying all this perpetuated myth about school funding.

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