Some laid-off workers may be losing jobs immediately

By Corinne Saunders

The Daily Advance

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At least some of the 34 employees laid off at Elizabeth City State University this week could be losing their jobs immediately.

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Effective recruitment is needed....

As an alum, I will repeat what most of us in the community understand - the correlation between effective recruiting and progressive enrollment - whether at the undergraduate, transfer, and graduate level - is not there. ECSU must have effective recruiters and strategic plans along with goals and accountability which is missing. Recruiters need to solidly identify with those potential students they are recruiting and be involved with university life and community organizations.

An effective recruiter is the "face of the university" and the extended hand to open the door to a college education for first-generation college students. Recruiters MUST follow through and follow up on EVERY detail. ECSU currently has SOME who are the proverbial "wolves in sheeps' clothing" who are too self-absorbed, self-important, and "special" who have not taken a single course at ECSU and too removed in lifestyle from young black men and women and young poor struggling students of any race, for that matter.

I shake my head on hearing that they are too important to ever have their positions eliminated. Maybe, maybe not. Pruning a diseased tree has its benefits and here's to ECSU's recovery for the sake of Eastern NC, our economy and students.

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