Son disputes DA’s findings in dad’s death

By William F. West

The Daily Advance

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The son of a Perquimans man who died during a traffic stop three years ago says a state trooper shot his father 25 times with a stun gun, not three as the N.C. Highway Patrol claims.

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25 times? Is that possible?

How did they arrive at the conclusion that he was "shot" 25 times? Is it even possible to "shoot" someone with a stun gun 25 times? I didn't know a stun gun would "shoot" that many times.

I had the same questions

I had the same questions. From my research it looks like the police use a Taser M26. From what I was reading the device stores in memory every time it is fired. That should be standard documented information for incidents where people died from taser shots. The stats for the gun shows that it could do up to 150 10 second bursts/shots, I didn't know it could fire that much. All the same don't run from the police. My opinion is death is a risk you take when doing cocaine or trying to flee from the police. Remember the guy they found dead in the trash dumpster who died from a cocaine overdose? Cocaine taxes the heart/respiratory system add the shock of a teaser and it's very easy to see how someone could die from it or even bring out unknown traits to cause death.

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