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Bonnie O’Neal addresses Elizabeth City City Council and city officials during a council meeting, Monday night.
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Thomas J. Turney

Bonnie O’Neal addresses Elizabeth City City Council and city officials during a council meeting, Monday night.

Speakers blast city council, Olson

“In your very short tenure of time, you decided without a lot of background of knowledge, to lead the efforts to fire Mr. Olson, in three months.” 

Bonnie O’Neal
A speaker at Monday‘s City Council meeting speaking to Councilman Montravias King, who last month led an effort to fire City Manager Rich Olson.


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Local residents chided Elizabeth City City Council Monday night, accusing councilors of fomenting “discord” and “embarrassment” in the community.

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Sad State of Affairs!

It is evident that our City Council is an embarrassment to our town. And this is one issue where progressives and conservatives are thinking alike. I hope that the councilors who are guilty of causing this discord will make changes. I applaud those who spoke against the antics. We cannot move forward in this manner.


Did Brooks know who the people he was trying to belittle last night? I know that King or Horton didn't know. Most of these people were well educated people and didn't need a street corner preacher, preaching to them. Do we have recall system in city, if we do we surely need to use it. As for Walton and Rivers, they both should be banded from city council meeting. And told to stay off city property.


I'm not sure what you mean? Will they have to wear an arm band like one gets in the hospital? And since in this city people who like to run their mouths with few facts to support them are far from endangered, I can't imagine they need to be banded like eagles once were. While I agree that losing Kirk Rivers' and Johnny Walton's presence on council is refreshing, and I'd rather not have to hear their rhetoric at all, as far as I know, both are still residents of this city. Unless they commit a criminal action in chambers, neither should be banned.

I would imagine the writer is

referring to Keith, not Kirk Rivers. Keith was the one involved in King and Horton's election and continues to orchestrate the garbage. As to the word issue-sigh.......It is the disruption of meetings that I think most people take issue with Rivers and Walton-not their right to speak or participate. You have no absolute right-you are required to abide by the rules. Walton had to be gaveled so many times that the Mayor finally warned him that if he had to do it again he would have law enforcement escort him out. If you cannot be respectful enough of the process to abide by rules, I have no issue with anyone being BANNED from participating. Walton takes the podium and then turns to the audience calling individuals out in a very intimidating way. No one should feel intimidated by others over participating. Then Brooks and King chimed in doing exactly the same thing. Calling out speakers for speaking that night and not other nights. That is a resident's right and it is inappropriate for Council members to be calling out members of the public for their participation, too. It is funny Council tried to make rules that did not allow the public to address any one of them individually by name! When you are in public office, the public has the right to address your actions, votes, commentary, etc. It is completely different when a Council members belittles members of the public for choosing to show up.

Where is Rachael Maddow now?

When will Ms. Maddow be returning to our fair city to do a follow up to her huge cover story of last fall?

Thoughts from last night:

1. A full room was berated by a young councilman because they showed up for the "Olsen" issue. "Why were we not there before?" Possibly because the citizens voted in those they thought could handle the office. Many of those there last night came out after working a full day but felt strongly enough about an issue that they felt their presence was needed. Several speakers took pot shots at Gilbert for leaving early, Gilbert arrived at the chambers after leaving his home at 5:00 a.m. and arrived at chambers directly from work around 6:45 p.m. How many on council can say the same. 2. Kem Spence questioned an item, concerned that the city should not be shouldering the whole financial burden of mowing cemeteries located in the city and the county. He made the motion to table the issue, which needed a super majority vote. Brooks, Horton, and King voted against tabling the motion, which looks like child's play. If you don't play by my rules I won't support you. Again Spence was looking at saving the city money. 3. The highlight of the evening was a long comment by Mayor Peel who has been a gentlemen given the vitriol aimed at him. Unfortunately, while supporters of Olsen sat quietly during the proceedings, supporters of King and all, were constantly backtalking when others spoke. But Johnny Walton takes the cake. He presents himself at every council meeting preaching prayer but his words belie his intent. He is there to make trouble. Last night he constantly interruped Peel during his final comments. While his actions do not surprise me I am concerned that his man, with such a attitude actually teaches in our school system. That frightens me. Betsy Meads


Your comments were right on the mark except for the last one about Walton's attitude. It's obvious that he was tackled too many times.

Please tell me, Ms. Gibbs.......

Since when is it the responsibility of the city to take care and repair plumbing INSIDE your home? The city is responsible for the water line UP TO THE WATER METER and past that, the owner/renter has FULL responsibility to care, maintain, and protect the line(s). Gibb's statement reeks of ignorant entitlement mentality. As I said in another earlier comment,"Take responsibility for your own actions"! Walton and King- Please recognize the truth. You are both grown adults, not mature, but grown adults. Just because blacks are not getting any of the monies, it doesn't mean it unfair. Jeez Louise! The greed, selfishness, and personal agendas you both show are so childish! By the way, your villages called. They want their idiots back. Maria, Maria, Maria. So Mr. Olson is the cause of your 7 year stint of homelessness? Methinks a head full of senseless pride and entitlement prevented you from seeking alternatives to avert your plight. Look in the mirror. The responsible party in the refection is NOT Mr. Olson!

Hey! we agree on something!

Well put Freespeaker.



Oh My, MY, MY

I truthfully don't know which end to approach with this ignorance. I sit around and laugh at the spectacle that this council displays on a regular basis. Mr. Horton and Mr. King, please get a clue and learn to not use your racist ideology (BY the way I am Black)on every single agenda. I am really starting to wonder why do certain people take office. HMMMMM Agree to Disagree, disagree to not agree, agree to disagree, confusing huh, exactly! I hope the citizens of Elizabeth City take a close look at what's happening. Progression and serving the citizens should be primary concerns, but personal vendettas, agendas etc have plagued this governing body. Also, that must've been a heck of a utility bill to push Maria into 7 years of homelessness. Seven years my tush, that means Elizabeth City's homelessness is going to be out of control with the constant complaints about high utility bills. Finally, I truly hope that the black community learns to elect people that are for the progression of the City and not trying to create a further racial divide.


Next time think before voting ignorance into city council.


has been a great disappointment. I really thought he showed great promise. I was wrong in that evaluation. Perhaps there is an opportunity for him to turn this around. Nevertheless, he had the right to run and serve.

A very disturbing evening.

Horton is so far up Brooks' behind he can see the heels of Montravias' shoes.

Woe for our city.


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