Splinters Fly: Peel, Walton spar at meeting

“Hold up, wait a minute now ... you’re supposed to break the tie, you’re out of order.”

Johnnie Walton
City Councilor to Mayor Joe Peel

Jon Hawley

The Daily Advance

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A veteran city councilor sparred verbally with Elizabeth City Mayor Joe Peel at Monday’s City Council meeting, accusing the mayor of improperly intervening in a council discussion on the requested removal of two giant trees close to city power lines.

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May cost the mayor and others re-election. People are tired. Plus, believe it or not lots of tree lovers in town.

Removing Trees

I am sickened by the thought that the city is going to use taxpayer money to cut down trees that are healthy. I think there should be an independent evaluation as to the tree's health, someone unrelated to the owner or the city council.


Wow. I'm ashamed of this council for all of the petty bickering. It's time to get some REAL people leading this city, not the babies that are there now. Someone, please call in a Momma and Daddy with a wooden spoon and belt to set these mischief-makers over their knees and give them what's due. Sheesh. GROW UP!!!

The three stooges are at it

The three stooges are at it again..VOTE THEM OUT!!!!!

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