Cars load onto the Knotts Island Ferry from the Currituck side, Thursday, March 21, 2013.

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Cars load onto the Knotts Island Ferry from the Currituck side, Thursday, March 21, 2013.

Steinburg: Block ferry tolls

By Cindy Beamon

The Daily Advance

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State Rep. Bob Steinburg, R-Chowan, said he will call for an efficiency study of the N.C. Ferry Division if his effort to block tolls on the Currituck-Knotts Island Ferry fails in the General Assembly.

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I'm for some type of small toll

on the Ocracoke ferry, for tourist. That ferry has to run constantly for the joy riders. I'm not sure how it could be set up to exclude the locals and trades that have to use it but I'm sure someone could come up with a plan.

The NCGA, including Steinburg

did things in the right order, something the Democrat legislatures never understood. They addressed revenue generating measures for NC so there would be money to increase teacher salaries. Anyone who can't clearly see that concept is truly challenged in finances. While I am against tolling KI and OI for the most part this is a real problem which all of us are involved in. Someone who is knocking Steinburg's plan should offer a workable solution for funding the ferries.

Smoke and mirrors

Steinburg isn't against tolling the Knotts Island ferry. It's election year folks and he's blowing smoke. He's got to say something to appease Currituck voters. Check out how he voted on this Legislation. Now he wants the Legislature to look into the ferry division mismanaging money? What a load of hooey. Next thing you know, he'll be back on his "the ferry division murders people" kick. According to this article, Cook and him can't even agree as to what they're going to do to try to get the ferry system money. You really think other Legislators in Raleigh are going to listen to them? Good luck Knotts Island. Both Cook and Steinburg need to go in November before the completely destroy eastern NC. They are well on their way to doing so.

Right on point Over it

It is amazing how since the candidate filing period started the anti-public education and anti-teachers crowd wants to start increasing teacher salaries. Why did they not increase salaries last year. Because they wanted to gut public education as much as possible, which Steinburg and Cook did in lockstep with their Charlotte political bosses. Instead of giving a tax break to the rich, Steinburg's and Cook's bosses could have found money for teachers and PUBLIC education. This a not about State finances, this is about priorities. What is more important to Cook and Steinburg? They voted to 1) cut public education, 2) give taxpayer money to private schools ($50 million), 3) cut income taxes for the rich, and 4) increase sales tax on all of us with the sales tax on utility bills and other services not previously subject to sales tax. All these changes passed last year are regressive, and these changes represent an attack on the elderly and retires on fixed incomes, the struggling middle class and all working families, many whom have not had a raise in 6 years. Steinburg said just weeks ago he voted for for the Highway plan and thought tolls were inevitable. Now with filing upon us and with him having serious opposition he says he is going to stop them. But first he is going to investigate the Ferry System and Senator Basnight and the Democrats who somehow according to Steinburg, helped a ferry worker commit suicide. The fact is that the ferry system is under the McCrory DOT so the investigation should have already been underway by Tony Tata for the past 13 month, if there was anything to investigate. I suspect Tata has already started looking at finding efficiencies in the operations of the Ferry System and other sections of the DOT, without the political prodding and political grandstanding by the back-bencher from New York. Why is he so worried, after all, he claims to have 80% approval rating, which everyone know is a made up poll. McCrory has a 37% approval rating and Steinburg claims a 80% approval rating. He must have only polled a total of 5 people, perhaps 4 tea-baggers like Gilbert, Meads, Woodard and Lehmann. And then they must have polled one person randomly, thus the 20% unfavorable. Steinburg, the representative from New York is not an honest man. He wants to have it both way. He is a flip flopper. He is the worst representative of the people of the First District in my lifetime. He was against raises for teachers before he was for them for new teachers only. And of course he was for the mid-county bridge, before he voted for a budget that eliminated State funding for the bridge. This just shows how weak Steinburg is in Raleigh, and the consensus is that he and Cook are both back-benchers and always will be. They are not highly regarded by other Republicans in the Legislature. No one takes Steinburg or Cook seriously.

Right on Rep. Bob.

I'm glad Rep. Bob Steinburg is so ably representing us in Raleigh. Keep up the good work Rep. Bob.


Will gladly re-elect him.


Will gladly re-elect him.

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