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State Rep. Bob Steinburg, R-Chowan, speaks with public school educators during a forum sponsored by the Pasquotank Republican Party at the Pasquotank Courthouse, Tuesday.
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Thomas J. Turney/The Daily Advance

State Rep. Bob Steinburg, R-Chowan, speaks with public school educators during a forum sponsored by the Pasquotank Republican Party at the Pasquotank Courthouse, Tuesday.

Steinburg, educators debate charter schools, vouchers

By Corinne Saunders

The Daily Advance

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Even though he supported legislation and funding decisions last year that many educators oppose, state Rep. Bob Steinburg, R-Chowan, insisted this week that he is on educators’ side.

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Liberals and teacher unions HATE charter schools and vouchers because it encroaches on their turf. Also if charter schools are a success, where will they put all the poor performing teachers?

You Decide

"The Education Department released its annual evaluation of the D.C. program last month -- tellingly, without a press release or media briefing -- and it showed that voucher recipients are reading nearly a half-grade ahead of their peers who didn't receive a scholarship. These academic benefits are compounding over time. The study revealed that the program's earliest participants are 19 months ahead of public school peers in reading after three years. Nationwide, black 12th graders as a group score lower on reading tests than white 8th graders. The D.C. voucher program is closing this achievement gap." from WSJ

Two More Years

Rep. Steinburg seeks a better prosperity and future for all our children. Competition always provides the consumer with choices and education should not be different. Let the parent decide if a charter school or public system is the right fit for their children, not the government. Two More Years!!!

Educator forum

Several major points included in Rep. Steinburg's remarks 1) When asked what was considered to be a possible failing school, Rep. Steinburg remarked on the very high number of high school graduates having to take remedial courses in college. 2) Take a look at the salary and benefits of your administrators of your school district 3) Demand the Boards of Education be transparent with their spending and demand to see what is spent where 4) School boards/districts are given money to use wisely; not legislated as to how to spend it 5) Charter schools were developed to help out the inner city school districts 6) We are just in the early phases of the McCrory budget. Look to the previous administration for decrease pay and the elimination of pay steps. 7) Why did Pasquotank County greatly defeat a very tiny increase in sales tax which would have gone to the schools?? 8) Teachers were to receive a pay increase in 2013 but over runs in Medicaid costs (left over from the previous administration) wiped out all the funding the General Assembly planned to use. Many of the educators who spoke only made generalized comments of low morale but could not come up with any solutions or facts as to why all of a sudden they have this low morale. Rep. Steinburg asked the educators to contact him with a list of possible solutions. He further stated that the proposed pay increases were just the beginning of the General Assembly looking at how to assist the educators.

I See It Tis The Season

Very obvious we're in an election cycle. Commentary is negative and somewhat nasty right out of the starting gate. It depresses me to think about what we'll have to listen to for the next 8 months of the election cycle. I'm praying for civility from all candidates but it is probably too much to hope for.

Keep talking!

Steinburg said 70 to 75 percent of African-American children and 50 percent of white children are born illegitimately, and the lack of fathers at home “to be role models” impacts all of society, including education. Steinburg said what? What a broad statement. Does he mean in his district, in North Carolina, or in the United States? That generalization divided by race indicates a lack of respect for African-Americans. Why not say the combined figure. If his numbers in some sampled area is as he contends, why not say the combined 55% or so. Why finger point by breaking it out by race? He appears to be employing a George Wallace strategy-divide on the basis of race. Incite whites to despise African-Americans as less deserving. We need a fact check on this one: Steinburg said 70 to 75 percent of African-American children and 50 percent of white children are born illegitimately, and the lack of fathers at home “to be role models” impacts all of society, including education.


Like facts were such a big part of that gossip rag in Currituck? Do you even have a semblance of conscience when you criticize others? Amazing!!!!!

2011 statistics from the Center of Disease Control

In 2011 nationwide 40% of all births to women were unmarried compared to 33.2% in 2000 and 18.4% in 1980 of these: 89% were to teenagers, 64% to 20-24 year olds, 29% for Non Hisp Whites, 72% for non Hisp Blacks - These numbers do not include biracial children North Carolina has been as high as 8th in the country for illigitimate births (2009)and the above are national figures - DO THE MATH What is interesting : North Carolina is currently 8th in the nation in the amount that they spend for education Steinburg issued this comment after one volunteer, one retired teacher, and one teacher pleaded for help with discipline and poverty. Poverty is more prevalent in single family homes. North Carolina is 8th in the nation in spending on education and this is basically how it works - the legislature appropriates the money and in turn the Dept of Public Instruction sends it to the county and municipal school systems based on a formula primarily designed on student count. Steinburg pointed out that this formula is hurting counties where student population is dropping including Pasquotank and Chowan. He sees a need to look at the formula and possibly base it on other factors. Once the DPI sends it to the counties, it is the local Boards of Educations who decide how it's spent. When teacher assistant positions are dropped and textbook purchases are scaled back it is a decision of the local board based on the expenses that they have. It is not a legislative decision. We need to be clear that the message from the teachers was is important but poverty and discipline are affecting their work enviroment to the detriment of our children and our educators. They made it clear, some in conversations after the meeting, that the constant changing of curriculum is not good either.

Our next Representative to the House

Please don't forget his ignorance when you go to the polls to vote.

Steinburg hates public education

Steinburg was against teacher raises and education funding when he voted for the draconian anti-education state budget, but now that the heat is on and he wants to get re-elected he claims to be for everything he voted against. Just like his song and dance on the mid-county bridge, and his doublespeak on ferry tolls. He really does think the people in Currituck County and in the first district are dumb and he thinks he can have it both ways. We know him better now, and I assure you he will not get my vote again and he will not win in Currituck County. Fool us once, his fault, fool us twice, our fault. I was told not a single member of the Edenton-Chowan Board of Education supports him, nor does any other Board of Education in the region support him. Also no Superintendent in the region has any faith or trust in him. He is an utter failure as a leader in public education. While Steinburg may claim, despite his anti-education record in Raleigh, to support education and educators, there are not any "true" public education professionals and advocates supporting him because they have seen the wolf in his wolf clothing for over a year now. He can try to put on a sheep's costume now, but even little red riding hood can see his anti-public education fangs.

Draconian Budget?

please review this information posted by Bob Luebke, NC Civitas on his research. This was printed 09-26-2011 one year before Steinburg and McCrory were elected and before Republicans controlled the state in over 100 years A quick glance of historical tables shows that overall public support for K-12 education actually declined five times since 1983 and most recently in 2008-09 when it declined by 3 percent or $267 million below the previous year. A better indicator for gauging support for public education is support per student. It’s regarded as a better indicator because it takes into account changing student populations. So what do trend lines in support per student tell us? Since 1982-83, there have been seven years when the level of state support per student was less than the previous year. Percentage declines have ranged from 0.5 percent to 5.9 percent. Thus, in reality the current fluctuations in total K-12 support and per student support is far from unprecedented. It’s hard to miss Democrat indignation at the impact of Republican budget reductions. It seems that outrage is on display at each budget stop. The only problem is the outrage is selective and disingenuous. While it is true public schools absorbed staffing reductions this year, schools were also asked to absorb staff cuts in 2008, 2009 and 2010. Last I checked, Democrats controlled the House, the Senate and the Governor’s office in all three of those years. During those years, Democrats eliminated a combined 10,761 education positions and laid off close to 3,700 public school staff. Yet where was the outcry from teachers or Democrats about job losses? According to the Department of Public Instruction, 534 teachers will lose their jobs in 2011-12 to budget cuts. However in the three previous years (2008, 2009 and 2010) close to three times the current number (1,580) of teachers lost their jobs due to budget reductions.

I think that it will be very apparent soon

that there is a reason that Board's of Elections may not want to see Steinburg re-elected.

Well presented with factual

Well presented with factual information. Now, if folks will just react to your voting suggestions, the state of NC will be better off.

Steinburg is a joke.

We can't get rid of this clown soon enough. Will someone (anyone with a pulse) please run against him (you would practically be guaranteed to be elected.)

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