Steinburg rips Luton over missed meeting

By Peter Williams

The Daily Advance

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State House candidate Bill Luton has come under fire for not attending a special school board meeting Monday where other members endorsed a sales tax referendum on the November ballot in Pasquotank County.

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This isn't the first School

This isn't the first School Board meeting he has missed due to his job. How does Mr. Luton intend to represent District 1 if he is always in California? Our Representatives are only paid a little over $13,000 per year. They also receive a small per diem rate when the Legislature is in session. I am not a mathematician, but if he quits his job to represent us, how is he going to support his family? His wife doesn't work and he does not own a business that would generate income for them. Looks like he will be missing important votes because he is in California all the time which will leave us, in District 1, to fend for ourselves. I had a couple of personal conversation's with Mr. Luton, when he first announced his candidacy, and he said he DID support the 2011 and 2012 statewide sales tax increase's. Apparently, he "forgot" he supported both of them when he spoke to the person writing this article. Now, he is pushing himself as a Minister AFTER saying (in a taping of himself for a forum he missed because he was in California) he doesn't wear his faith on his sleeve....and as an Independent (apparently, the Democratic party has stopped backing his campaign because they don't want anything to do with him?). Unfortunately, we know this isn't over yet and Steinburg still needs to watch his back around Luton and Haddad.

voting record

I wonder what his attendance record is at board/committee meetings while he has been on the education board?

Another preview of Lutonism

Just such no-show as this gives a preview of what could be expected if he were in Raleigh. Luton would only represent his own personal agenda and has no interest in representing the citizens of this area. His past track record backs this. He's nothing more than a political stair climber, with the citizens being the stair treads under his muddy little feet.

empty chair syndrome...

Luton was the only board member not present for the Convocation at the ECSU Fine Arts Auditorium on 16 August... Like I tell my children - if you can't handle your responsibilities, you can forget about having any privileges. Serving the people of this state is a privilege – one he has proven time and time again he’s not deserving of.


It's about priorities. Luton says he knew he had another engagement for that time on Monday when the vote would be cast. However, he did nothing to rearrange his schedule so he could participate. His priorities were somewhere else other than towards his duties that the people elected him to do. This speaks volumes. If Luton is elected will he have "other engagements" during important events in the House? Will his priorities be in line with Disctrict 1 or in line with what Bill Luton wants to do? I think this missed vote tells us exactly - his priorities are with himself. And what responsible elected official runs around saying his vote doesn't matter?!? What kind of an example is that to others to get out and vote? Such irresponsible thinking is the "mess" in Raleigh that Luton keeps spouting off about and to elect him would just be adding to that mess. Luton, I just have one question for you, "Where was your "A" game on Monday? Where was your "A" game, sir?" You really didn't "bring it" did ya?

So, why wasn't Luton there to vote?

Where was Luton? He sits on the School Board and doesn't make the meeting nor participate in the discussion with his fellow board members or take some of his 'valuable' time to cast a vote? This is a proposed million dollar tax hike! And this is the candidate who wants to represent us in Raleigh when he can't even represent us on the School Board? No thanks.

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