Stolen car found in river; driver who put it there sought

The Perquimans Weekly

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HERTFORD — Law enforcement officials have recovered a stolen car from the Perquimans River. Now they’re looking for the person who put it there.

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Skunk Ape indeed sir......... indeed. :-D

I truly believe

That it was a Skunk Ape trying to hasten its summer migration back to the north country. The Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights as we know them, sometimes emit high frequency radio waves that tend to disturb and disorient the natural homing perception of these creatures, causing them to wander erratically. Although this is a rarity, studies have found that as spring ambient temperatures increase in the southernmost area of their winter habitat, this occurs more frequently if the creature does not keep pace, or on schedule, of its northward trek. When this happens, a sort of panic sets in, and the creature will resort to any means necessary to attempt to make up lost time. As this case shows, auto theft can be added to the many means it is apt to try. The conclusion that can be drawn from this incident, is that Global Warming played a very BIG part in making this happen and that this is one of the many warnings being given that the non-believers will also surely ignore.

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