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Students: Transfer to ECSU not easy

By Corinne Saunders

The Daily Advance

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If Elizabeth City State University wants to boost student enrollment, it apparently will have to do a better job of helping students transfer to ECSU from other colleges.

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Time for Change at ECSU

Best advice, kz001, will share with Mr. Hinton, member of the Board of Governors. This is troubling and shameful that Althea Riddick (an ECSU alum) said, "Transfer students are not new to higher education, but they are new to the ECSU campus , so the center offers them help in one location, she said." Dr. Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement had profound positive impacts for not only African-Americans but also for white women in this area. Not too many years ago, pregnant or married women were not allowed to work - fueling poverty and domestic abuse. Society changed for the better and white women had an opportunity to receive a four year degree from ECSU (usually after transfer from COA). The first white graduates were circa early 1970s. ECSU made a huge positive difference in their lives and large numbers were employed as teachers. A lot of the women who are transfer students are returning to education after marriage, motherhood, or broken dreams of youth. Turbulent times and not everyone at ECSU welcomed or welcomes minorities but the good people who walk in the way of Christ outweigh the bad. What is equally puzzling are the huge salaries and continued raises paid recruiters (L. Riddick & A. Riddick at $69K and $75K, respectively) to recruit declining enrollment numbers. (Source: UNC General Administration via http://www.newsobserver.com/2011/02/24/1011452/university-employee-salaries.html?appSession=337371870239333&RecordID=&PageID=2&PrevPageID=1&cpipage=11&CPISortType=&CPIorderBy=) Let us not throw Ms. Walton (38K) under the Viking bus. Ms. Nibens is quite aware that L. Riddick knows her identity. Who really knows what was said on the "overheard" on purpose phone conversation? Run, Ms. Nibens, run to other universities and stay away from these folks in particular. Given a quick background check of TDA itself, we learn a lot about these two characters: "..That response may resonate with others in light of the recent firing of Althea Riddick, COA’s vice president of learning." (Source: http://www.dailyadvance.com/opinion/our-views/thumbs-upthumbs-down-kudos-festival-coa-survey-end-reversions-1081027) Surprised that ECSU would allow publication of LuAnn Riddick's embellished "It's all about 'Me'" article. (Source: http://www.dailyadvance.com/news/ecsu146s-riddick-recruits-coa-students-1914931#commentsI) She also used to work for COA (but no longer does - so send her right back there), then her mother's insurance agency, and more recently floral/craft businesses. She has been switched around campus and finally, in her own words, located full time off campus at COA. She is a graduate of East Carolina University with miniscule involvement in ECSU university life, community service, or the HBCU community. There are and always have been other knowledgeable and teamwork oriented staff members who should be entrusted to represent the university and follow-through on details - start of process (recruitment) to finish (attend class). Seems that LuAnn Riddick is sidestepping and passing the buck. In all fairness, this cast of characters was slated before Dr. Becton came to town. Change and cleaning house is overdue. ECSU has sunk to new lows and there is no reason for this. With online courses and more ways of communication (email and cell phones), universities are aggressive and vigilant about attracting, recruiting and establishing personal relationships with students to understand and meet individual needs. It is an era of personal relationship marketing now in business and higher education. Take responsibility, clean house and give bright, motivated, energetic alumni the chance to recruit for the university. This group would possess first-hand knowledge and be the best inspiration for future students.

While a student at COA

(many years ago), I was in the company of several dual enrolled friends. They constantly told me how difficult it was to deal with ECSU. I remember some who gave up and some who just pushed through dealing with the difficulty. I guess this is just a perpetual condition at ECSU. Who is to blame I don't know. I do know that the university system could stop this if they wanted to. Everyone who has a complaint should contact Henry Hinton, a member of the Board of Governors. He is our closest contact as he is located in Greenville. Call him and tell him what is going on up here.

TDA fell short

TDA fell short on reporting this matter. Conspicuously absent was the race of this students. One can only guess that they are white, as had they been black it would have been spread all over the article. That aside, there are still too many in high places at ECSU that are from the old Jenkins cartel. It's going to take a real purge from the UNC leaders to ever get ECSU in line and on track with other NC universities. Meanwhile, the reverse racism will continue.

Sounds like the UNC people

Sounds like the UNC people need make another visit and cut a few people, like the Walton crowd. We still have to many of the Jenkins crowd left out there. Please send the UNC PEOPLE back soon. Not answering phone is not new. You got have people on campus to pick up phone, you got people employed, but they are never in their offices. They are off shopping or just don't show up. Instead of looking to New York for students, why not take student from this area.

ECSU fails because they do not follow up.

Here is how pathetic ECSU's "recruitment" efforts are..... I have a family member that recently graduated with honors from a local High School. They applied to ECSU, got accepted at ECSU, got a UNC system scholarship to cover their tuition at ECSU but they decided not to enroll at ECSU. From the point that they were accepted at ECSU and received the UNC system scholarship, no one from ECSU attempted to contact them to try and talk to them about the programs offered at ECSU or encourage them to enroll at ECSU. Nothing. Once the fall semester started, no one from ECSU attempted any contact to find out what happened to my family member, if they enrolled anywhere and if maybe they were still interested in attending ECSU. Talk about no follow up from ECSU. Here you have a student that had outstanding grades (that allowed them to be accepted to multiple school) and a financial aid package to pay for their tuition and ECSU couldn't be bothered to try and encourage them to attend. It seems that ECSU just assumes that once a student is accepted there they are going to attend and so be it if they don't. At least that is my perspective. Other schools still call my family member inquiring about if they are attending school and if they are possibly interested in transferring to their school, but not ECSU. That is how pathetic ECSU's "recruitment" efforts are.

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