Suit: Davenport target of conspiracy

“(Alliance Nissan owner Billy) Roughton blamed his business problems on (Jonathan) Davenport and hatched scheme after scheme to ruin Davenport’s life.”

Jonathan Davenport
former part-owner of Alliance Nissan

By William F. West

The Daily Advance

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A former part-owner of the Elizabeth City car dealership Alliance Nissan claims in a federal lawsuit that he is innocent of corporate malfeasance and that officials in business, government and law enforcement colluded to have him illegally arrested and maliciously prosecuted on that and other charges.

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Does anyone care ?

Does anyone really care how these 2 scr?wed each other ? Worse than a B-rated Soap Opera.

Good greif, there goes our tax dollars

This should have been a civil case between Roughton and Davenport and never a criminal court case. Instead, god will only know how much of our tax dollars have been waisted for this mess. We already know the county is going to eat 54k of storage fees (roughly $1100/month and add to that each additional month goes by) that Roughton personaly profits from. What genius deceided to use the complaintant's storage? Now, IF this case is allowed the county (us) will be out more money in damages. Just give the guy his goods and ask to end the case. He has been ran to the other side of the country, it's time for this to end.

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