Suspect has ties to other shootings

By William F. West

The Daily Advance

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One of two men jailed in connection with a shooting incident last week has connections to two other high-profile shooting incidents in Elizabeth City over the past three years.

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If this is not a prime example of why

we do not need to support anyone for DA who worked under Frank Parrish, I do not know what would be. No wonder so many attorneys have done the previously unthinkable and not thrown their support to the Democrat candidate for DA-Nancy Lamb. Mr. Parrish was a nice man but we have way too many criminals going through the revolving door with plea agreements under his and Lamb's authority. Then there are the judges who agree to the plea deals. Build prisons with no greater amenities than our noble troops have when deployed. Require work from them every day and very, very basic nutrition, no television, recreational electronics, air conditioning, etc. One person stalls to sleep and eat in. One hour a day of basic recreation. Send a clear message. Criminals will not be coddled. We need a law and order DA. In my opinion, changing the DA's office will result in the most dramatic improvement our region could see.

This guy is the definitionof 'Recidivism'

If you don't know what it means, look it up. You might even see his picture there.

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