Theft suspect wants to take five-day cruise

By William F. West

The Daily Advance

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A Dare County man facing travel restrictions following his indictment on federal theft charges has asked a court to allow him to go on a five-day cruise to the Bahamas later this month.

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Maybe There is Justice Here On Earth?

We have waited for 40 years for this family to finally get caught in there stealing from the US Government and State. I am sure this is only the receipts the Government could come up with because this illegal activity has been going on in our area for years and I am assured if the US Government kept digging they could find plenty more. I guess their are some people they feel so sorry for him and that they would do anything from being untruthful to standing in presence of a Judge and God to clear his name (and his family). The family has been so faithful to various organizations in this County. If there is not justice here on earth maybe in the life hereafter will rectify some of greed and love of money and they will reap rewards they deserved here on earth.

Hurrrm . . cruise ship's name is SS Minnow

Seems kind of odd, the ship's name is SS Minnow and is scheduled for a three hour tour. It's probably okay to let him go, after all who doesn't keep a quarter of a million dollars cash in their home in case of an emergency?!?! I would have liked to seen the conversation between Mann and his lawyer. I wonder if trip insurance would cover the cost?

Consider this

If there ever was a person that represents a flight risk, this guy should be a poster child. With the compelling evidence gathered thus far, plus the admission of guilt by his cohorts, it's a no-brainer as to what this guy is planning to do. His every intention is to relocate to South America and avoid prosecution. The cruise is just a guise to his first step in making this happen. Bets are on that the cruise is a one way trip for him.

Looking For Hidden Money They Probably Won't Have to go Far

I am assured if the Feds could find that large of sum of money at his residence,the islands would be another great place to hide it but I think it would much closer at his residence. It must be nice to take the whole family on a cruise on the taxpayers! Hope they enjoy, he has always got out of every investigation that has been brought up against him, so I am sure this will be no different.

Really easy....

I'm thinking.... NO!

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