Three arrested in pickup truck theft

By Reggie Ponder

Chowan Herald

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EDENTON — Three young men from Edenton have been arrested in connection with the theft of a pickup truck — and two of them have been charged in the theft and destruction of two trucks.

The two pickup trucks were destroyed in a bizarre chain of events in Chowan County late at night on July 29 and early on the morning of July 30.

Jeremy Edward Thomas Travers, 23, of 706 Cabarrus Street, and Kelvin Lee Harris, 23, of 1021 N. Broad Street, each were charged with two counts of larceny of a motor vehicle, two counts of possession of stolen goods, two counts of conspiring to commit felony larceny, first degree trespass, injury to personal property, felony breaking and entering, felony larceny, and burning personal property, according to Sheriff Dwayne Goodwin.

Travers was placed in the Chowan County jail under $41,000 bond and Harris was placed in the Chowan County Jail under $43,500 bond, Goodwin reported.

Christopher Shaddar Walker, 17, of 706 Cabarrus St., was charged with breaking and entering of a motor vehicle, larceny of a motor vehicle, possession of stolen goods, conspiracy to commit felony larceny, first degree trespass, and injury to real property, Goodwin said.

Walker was placed in the Chowan County Jail under $16,000 bond, Goodwin said.

“A few people came forward with information “ Goodwin said. “We followed that information and ended up making these arrests.”

Goodwin said this was a collaborative effort of the Chowan Sheriff’s Office, Edenton Police Department and N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles License and Theft Enforcement Section.

On July 29-20 a Ford pickup truck belonging to Chris Elliott was stolen and burned, and a Chevrolet truck belonging to Simon Rich was stolen and run into Edenton Bay, according to Goodwin.

Goodwin said it is believed that Walker was involved in the theft of Elliott’s truck but not in the other incidents.

The incidents were discovered after someone fishing on the Town of Edenton pier the morning of July 30 called to report seeing an object sticking out above the surface of the water in Edenton Bay.

Authorities believe Elliott’s truck was stolen first from the area around Oakum and Water streets, then driven out to the vicinity of Rich’s home off Highway 32 South and set on fire along a path in the woods.

Rich’s home was broken into and the Chevrolet truck was stolen from that location, according to authorities.

Rich’s truck was driven over the bridge to Hayes Plantation and was made to go into about four and a half feet of water in Edenton Bay, Goodwin said.

Goodwin said investigators do not believe either Elliott or Rich was specifically targeted in the incidents.

“This was a random act,” Goodwin said.

Goodwin said he appreciated the work of Chowan Sheriff’s Deputy Chris Knight, Sgt. Laura Wilkins of the Edenton Police Department, and DMV License and Theft Investigator Neil Ambrose.

“It was a great job,” Goodwin said. “They worked this thing from beginning to end.”