Toddler killed by pit bull

By Cathy Wilson

The Perquimans Weekly

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HERTFORD — A 10-month-old Hertford boy was killed Tuesday evening when a pit bulll attacked him while in the care of his grandmother.

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Rest in Peace little one

While I personally don't think certain types of dogs should be around young children, I don't care what kind of dog killed this baby. My heart breaks for what this poor child must have felt while this dog was attacking him. The family has my prayers while they are going through this horrendous tragedy.

Patriot- Do I care that the

Patriot- Do I care that the child died? Yes, I do. However, the headline of the article was CLEARLY written to draw attention to Pit Bulls. Why didn't they write "Child killed in unfortunate accident"? Because the DA is trying to push THEIR agenda. Yes, you are free to speak your mind and so am I. Unfortunately, when I speak my mind, you labeled me "pitiful" and you know nothing about me. I will refrain from calling you names because I stopped that when I graduated from elementary school.

I'm a native of Elizabeth

I'm a native of Elizabeth City and have lived here most of my life. I used to never give a thought to my safety and walked the town at will. Nowadays I'm reluctant to walk the neighborhoods for fear of dogs. I don't walk after dark for fear of criminals. Even if my fears are over exaggerated, they aren't unfounded. While the police do a good job rounding up the bad guys, nothing is being done to protect the public from bad dogs...until AFTER an attack. I can't be alone in my concerns. Anyone?


People overreacting to a situation they know nothing about? Not that the newspaper is always right but the newspaper article states the dog was a pit bull mixed breed but it appears to me you’re more concerned about defending the dog and the breed than you are about the 10-month old child that was killed. Pitiful It appears you’re saying that if the child was trying to pull himself up by grabbing onto the dog then the dog biting the child until he died was justified. And by the way, just like you, people are allowed to voice their opinion on the subject even when you order them to back off.

He was great Dane and pitbull

He was great Dane and pitbull mix. I happen to know them.

It wasn't a pit bull. People

It wasn't a pit bull. People like you overreacting to a situation you know NOTHING about it how bad laws, banning whatever you're upset about, get created. Pit bull's are NOT bad dogs. They were called "nanny" dogs in the early 1900's because they were and STILL ARE so good with kids. ANY animal can bite when they are frightened or believe they need to defend themselves. No one knows the details. The child could have been trying to pull himself up by grabbing onto the dog and the dog bit him. Back off of the Pit bull bashing!!!


According to the Animal Shelter Director, the dog is a labrador/american bulldog mix, not a pit bull.

What a heartbreaking thing to see this morning...

This is such a heartbreaking thing to have to read first thing this morning!!! Please let all of us PRAY for this family as they go through this tragedy. I'm sure someone is going to start "pointing fingers" and making "rude comments" about this story, but please do not do this until you know all "FACTS" concerning this story!!! Let us PRAY for GOD to give this family peace in their hearts as they morn for their loss!!! Also, as Patty commented above, "REST IN PEACE LITTLE ONE"!!! All animals can and do harm human's every day. Some of them, we don't know why, but I guess it is their defense when they fill endangered. I will admit that a lot of the stories you read or hear about do involve the "Pit Bull" breed. Some people say it is the "way they are trained" and a lot of Pit Bull's are used as fighting dogs. We don't know anything about this dog in particular yet, nor the family of this pet. It is just a heartbreaking tragedy for this "little one" and the family to have to endure something of this nature!!! I would also like to mention an event which recently took place within our community, involving my family, neighbors, folks passing by, etc.. Our neighbors had 2 Pit Bulls, one which was a mix breed and the other a pure breed. While a thunderstorm was over our area, both of the dogs got out of the fenced in back yard and the owners were out of town. I have to admit that I was "very weary" of these dogs, but we just moved here in January of this year and I really didn't know to much about them. The owners took very good care of them and saw that they were always contained. We also have a dog which I take out to potty on a leash. Our dog is a miniature Daschund and a "little mess", if I might say myself!!! She always goes over to their fence and barks like crazy if I don't pull her back!!! These Pit Bulls haven't ever hurt her, nor been close enough to hurt her. We live on a "very busy" roadway and the dogs went into the road. At some point prior to them going into the road, they were playing with our cat which was about 18 years old. Apparently, they played with her until she had a "heart attack"!!! I say they played with her because my husband buried her and said, "she did not have one puncture wound on her body!!! This was very upsetting for our family due to the fact we had this cat since my son was a baby and he is almost 18 years old now!!! It was a blessing to know that the dogs didn't "mo-mic" her so to speak and evidently she couldn't take the attention. After the dogs roamed only a few hours they went into the road and the "mixed breed" pit was hit and killed instantly!!! We were able to get the other "pure bred" Pit Bull and I put her in the fenced back yard. See was PITIFUL, whining, crying, moaning, etc.!!! What's the "funny thing" about this is I wasn't afraid of her one bit at this point!!! Also, I am not afraid of her anymore!!! Our neighbor's came home shortly after this incident took place and they were also pitiful!!! They asked what they could do for us about our cat and were very sympathetic. Even though I feared these dogs in the beginning, much sympathy was endured on both families!!! The point of this comment is to let everyone know that any animal can turn on you, but most pets are wonderful companions for a family. So may we all please wait until the story is "complete" before making "angry comments"???

Banned dogs

Meanwhile, Ft. Drum has banned chihuahuas and poodles, but not pit bulls.

Tired Of Dogs That Bite

This is a sad and frightening story. I no longer go in my back yard because there are three pitbulls living next door to me who go crazy every time I set foot out there. They frequently fight with each other and it's a frightening unnerving noise while it's happening and so I also no longer enjoy my porch. I'm truly fearful that these dogs will get loose one day. I'm not necessarily pointing a finger at the breed because dogs that bite seem to be everywhere these days. These dog owners are gone ALL day long and seem to be clueless that this is happening and are very proud to be the owners of three pit bulls who THEY claim are "sweet" dogs. I have to wonder what's going thru their mind when they come home and see the injuries these dogs have inflicted on each other. I wish there was a place to live where dogs are prohibited so that people could take walks and feel safe in their neighborhood but alas, inconsiderate dog owners are everywhere.

Yes, it's the breed

Pit bulls were bred to fight bulls in a pit, hence the name. Yes, it is bred into them to fight. Of course, any breed of dog starved for attention and bored is likely to do bad things when left alone too long.

Purblic Event for Victims

A need has been met: The first public event to bring together victims of pitbulls and other dangerous dogs is coming next month. The organization has online support group and resources for people concerned about pitbulls. The First Public event for victims of Pitbulls & other dangerous dogs. Victims are coming to the FREE EVENT from across the USA and Canada. "Mellie" and the members of her support group have rented a park, hired on-site security and brought in two lives bands, and a food vendor along with several national speakers on the issue of dangerous dogs, including Tony Solesky and Colleen Lynn of We will start the party with a Walk to honor victims of pitbulls at 12 Noon in Lincoln Park,4325 South Pantano Rd, Tuscon, Az 85730 on October 27th, 2012. Churches, and business groups are welcome to come out and support victims or sponsor a victim to come out to the event to help raise awareness and show support. We kick off the event with a short walk at Noon and we will carry posters of victims that cannot attend due to the severity of their injuries, or due to the fact that they were killed by a pitbull. DOGS ARE PROHIBITED AT THE EVENT. First responders will entertain kids and a playground is onsite. The Free event will run until 7 p.m.


I'm sure there will be lots of finger-pointing and probably rightly so but I just want to say " Rest in peace little one, rest in peace"

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