Trio make second bid for Outside City seat

By Peter Williams

The Daily Advance

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Voters should have no trouble recognizing the names of the three candidates on the ballot for an Outside City seat on the Elizabeth City-Pasquotank Board of Education. Sharon Warden, James Truesdell and Erskine Morgan all ran for the two Outside City seats two years ago won by Hank Krebs and Barry Overman.

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All candidates Qualified. But......

The three candidates for outside city school board each bring a varied thirty plus years of education experience. One is an administrator, one a librarian, and one a mathematics educator. While time to serve is important, we must elect a representative of our community who most understands the current trends in education and uses that knowledge to strengthen OUR school system. We've all heard from the candidates in the political arena of the need for strong STEM curriculum (science, technology, engineering and mathematics)in our schools. In order to remain globally and regionally competitive, both economically and educationally, the sciences must be re-emphasized with the up-most speed and importance. We must begin to help our schools become an incentive for medical professionals to move here. We must begin to increase community support for our teachers because they work long, long hours beyond what they are reimbursed financially. Of these three qualified candidates we must elect one who has an understanding of the STEM curricula. Irrespective of the time needed, who will best lead us into this POST NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND era of education? W'eve had farmers, businessmen and concerned parents admirably serve us on school board yet very slow improvement in our schools. It's time to try something new. Who will best understand the current needs of our schools? Is it an assistant principal, a retired Librarian or a mathematics and sciences educator?

Trio make second bid for Outside City seat

I agree. The Board of Education meets more than the two schedule monthly meetings. It could be a fulltime volunteer job. I don't see how anybody can be an effectively school board member with a full-time job.

I am sorry I forgot what I was running for.

Erskine Morgan has already made himself seem like an idiot by saying he "accidentally" filed for the wrong seat. It would have been better to speak the truth and say "I changed my mind because I found out who I was going to run against." No shame in that. Its much worse for him to have used the excuse he did. Like I said it made him look like an idiot. One thing I find odd is, how is a guy that works in Portsmouth going to make it to 2:00 Board Of Education committee meetings in Elizabeth City? I would think it would be pretty hard, especially for someone who is an Assistant Principal. Most administrators work well past the time the students leave school. Oh I guess he wasn't planning on going to committee meetings.

Sorry, you are wrong Ms. Warden

If the county commissioners had put the schools as the priority they should be then this quarter cent sales tax increase wouldn't be in the news.

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