Unlike city, Pasquotank does not require disclosure


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Elizabeth City’s elected officials and employees are required to disclose their financial interests and Pasquotank County’s are not.

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there is more to this story

no business runs perfectly, without problems. certain commissioners and County staff seem to prefer keeping the tax payers in the blind. the less we know the less questions we can ask. Example: a commissioner on a three commissioner committee that oversees the solid waste department. The solid waste dept has a contract with a local contractor that runs approximately $30,000.00 a month. one of the three is his brother in law. my understanding of the rules of conduct for Pasquotank Commissioners is he should not put himself in that position. Other examples: number of county employees caught stealing from tax payers, number of lawsuits against the County, the county dept. James Morris


I must be missing something ....why are all County Commissioners & the County Manager, at a minimum, not required to complete an annual disclosure form? Of course everyone wants to avoid conflicts, and apparently there has never been an issue for Pasquotank County. Super. But, what is the down side of having a disclosure form & policy for these officials? Again, there must be more to this story, because it just seems so obvious for all involved. Bill Hiemer

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