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Vehicles pass through the main gate at Coast Guard Base Elizabeth City on Tuesday. Nearly 340 civilians who work for the U.S. Coast Guard in Elizabeth City were furloughed Tuesday following a partial shutdown of the federal government.

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Vehicles pass through the main gate at Coast Guard Base Elizabeth City on Tuesday. Nearly 340 civilians who work for the U.S. Coast Guard in Elizabeth City were furloughed Tuesday following a partial shutdown of the federal government.

USCG furloughs 340 civilian workers

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Nearly 340 civilians who work for the U.S. Coast Guard in Elizabeth City — more than half the service’s local civilian work force — were among the 800,000 federal employees furloughed nationwide Tuesday as a result of the partial shutdown of the federal government.

The largest share of the workers sent home are employed by the Aviation Logistics Center, which provides material and technical support for Coast Guard air stations and aircraft around the country. Of a total civilian workforce of 523, 264 workers at the ALC were furloughed, according to NYxoLyno Cangemi, a spokesman for Fifth Coast Guard District External Affairs in Portsmouth, Va.

Another 66 civilian workers at the Base Support Command also were sent home, leaving only 20 civilians at the command unaffected by the shutdown.

In addition, five of the nine civilians who work at the base’s Aviation Technical Training Center were furloughed, as were four of the five who work for the National Strike Force Coordination Center. Capt. David Haynes, commander of the NSFCC, said his command retained an industrial hygienist considered critical to the command’s operations.

The ATTC provides apprentice level training to nearly 700 of the Coast Guard’s aviation maintenance personnel. The NSFCC provides personnel and specialized equipment to the Coast Guard and other federal agencies for pollution and disaster incident response.

The other two Coast Guard commands based in Elizabeth City — the air station and the small boat station — did not furlough any civilian workers. Three civilians work at the air station; none work for the boat station.

The partial shutdown does not affect active-duty Coast Guard personnel. Legislation signed by President Barack Obama on Monday mandates that all active-duty military and reserve personnel not be furloughed and continue to be paid during the shutdown.

The same legislation gave the secretaries of Defense and Homeland Security broad authority to include civilian personnel and contractors who “are providing support to members of the armed forces” among those who will not be furloughed, said Sarah Howard, communications director for U.S. Rep. Walter B. Jones, R-N.C., whose district includes the Coast Guard base in Elizabeth City.

Coast Guard operations in Elizabeth City weren’t the only federal facilities in North Carolina feeling the effects of the shutdown, which took effect Monday at midnight after Congress failed to reach an agreement on a spending bill that would continue to fund government operations past Oct. 1.

The National Park Service has locked all the gates that provide access to the beaches along the Camp Hatteras National Seashore. In addition, the Cape Hatteras and Bodie Island lighthouses are closed, as is the Wright Brothers Memorial in Kitty Hawk.

The same is true at national memorials, federal parks and other U.S. agencies across the country. In addition to “closed” signs and barricades springing up at the Lincoln Memorial and other tourist attractions, NASA and the Environmental Protection Agency were virtually shuttered. In addition, veterans centers were shut down.

Government workers classified as essential, such as air traffic controllers, Border Patrol agents and most food inspectors, remained on the job.

Employees whose work is financed through fees, including those who issue passports and visas, also continued to work. The self-funded Postal Service remained in operation, and officials said the government will continue to pay Social Security benefits and Medicare and Medicaid fees to doctors on time.

In Congress, some aides were furloughed and others said they were working without pay.

Lawmakers and the president were still getting paid, however, at a rate totaling more than $250,000 per day for all of them.

Late Tuesday, House Republicans sought swift passage of legislation aimed at reopening small slices of the federal establishment. The bills covered the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Park Service and a portion of the Washington, D.C., government funded with local tax revenue.

Senate Democrats announced their opposition, saying Republicans shouldn’t be permitted to choose which agencies should open and which remain shut.

The heart of the dispute between House Republicans on one side and President Obama and Senate Democrats on the other is the Affordable Health Care Act, better known as “Obamacare.” House Republicans initially demanded a full defunding of the health care law as the price for essential federal funding.

They later changed that demand to a one-year delay in the law.

a permanent repeal of a medical device tax and a provision making it harder for women to obtain contraceptive coverage. They have since changed that demand and are now seeking a one-year delay in the law’s requirement for individuals to purchase insurance. They also want a separate provision that would dramatically raise the cost of health care for the president, vice president, members of Congress and thousands of aides.

Speaking at the White House on Tuesday, President Obama accused Republicans of causing the first partial closure in 17 years as part of a non-stop “ideological crusade” to wipe out his signature health care law.

House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, gave as good as he got. “The president isn’t telling the whole story,’ he said in an opinion article posted on the USA Today website. “The fact is that Washington Democrats have slammed the door on reopening the government by refusing to engage in bipartisan talks.”

Boehner has declined to say whether he would permit a vote on a stand-alone spending bill to reopen the government, stripped of health care provisions, though Democrats and Obama continued to call on him to do so.

Sen. Cruz, R-Texas, the most prominent advocate of the “Defund Obamacare” movement, said the Senate should follow the House’s lead and quickly reopen programs for veterans and the parks. Asked why it was appropriate to do so without demanding changes in the health care law, he offered no answer.

“None of us want to be in a shutdown. And we’re here to say to the Senate Democrats, ‘Come and talk to us,’” said House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., as GOP lawmakers called for negotiations with the Senate on a compromise.

It was an offer that Senate Democrats chose to refuse, saying there was nothing to negotiate until Republicans agreed to reopen the federal establishment.

“The government is closed because of the irrationality of what’s going on on the other side of the Capitol,” said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.



Posted on September 29, 2013 by Diane Sori Deadlocked…and yet the Senate was too preoccupied to come back on Sunday and do their job of working on behalf of the American people…a job they were elected to do. Waiting until 2 pm this afternoon to return to session…a mere 10 hours before a possible government shutdown begins…Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid had the audacity to tell ‘We the People’ that the Democratic majority Senate will reject the new House compromise bill even BEFORE any Senators see or read it. Talk about partisan rhetoric, liberal whining, and foot stomping when he does NOT get his way…now add in a dose of Nancy Pelosi’s ‘you have to pass it before you can read it’ rantings and Harry Reid’s true motives become obvious…the same anti-American motives as Barack HUSSEIN Obama has. “The American people will not be extorted by Tea Party anarchists” whined Reid as the reason why the Senate will NOT approve the House bill…a bill that keeps the government up and running after the October 1st date when we ‘supposedly’ run out of money, while at the same time delaying the dreaded ObamaCare for one year. ‘Extorted by Tea Party anarchists’…NO..I don’t think so for the Tea Party is comprised of true American patriots…something Reid knows NOTHING about. And what Reid does NOT understand or simply refuses to understand is that the reason the House will NEVER approve any Senate bill as long as the monstrosity known as ObamaCare remains in its current form is that 57+% of the American people do NOT want it at all…meaning the House is voting according to the will of the people…something the Senate and Harry Reid refuse to do. And so thankfully, the House Republicans did NOT back down and in a rare Saturday night session they stood strong and united against the Senate bill, voting 231-192 in favor of a one year delay of ObamaCare, and by a margin of 248-174 they voted to repeal the medical device tax, with 17 Democrats voting along with the Republicans on this section. And this was nice to see after 23 Republican Senators went RINO on us during the previous round of Senate voting. And when the night was over ALL 229 Republicans…along with two Democrats (Rep.McIntyre-NC and Rep. Matheson-UT)…passed a second continuing resolution…a short-term stop-gap measure really…but one that would avoid an early Tuesday morning government shutdown. But now showing what a narrow-minded uncompromising individual he really is…just like his buddy Obama…Harry Reid has rejected the new House bill outright BEFORE it even reaches the Senate floor…rejecting a bill that is a good meld and compromise between what the Republicans want and what the Democrats want as it funds the government through December 15th yet delays…NOT defunds…the implementation of ObamaCare for one year. And delaying ObamaCare for one year is especially important in light of the fact that Obama himself delayed it for one year for BIG business (in fact Obama has signed seven bills to change provisions in the original ObamaCare)…so in all fairness it should be delayed one year across the board for the American people as well. But ‘Prince’ Harry obviously does NOT understand the rules of fair play nor is he even willing to address compromise. “After weeks of futile political games from Republicans, we are still at square one,” Reid whined after the House vote was announced, but in reality ALL delays have come from the Democratic side. And to make this forthcoming NO vote in the Senate even more grievous is that in addition to the delaying of ObamaCare by one year, in a separate but attached bill the Republican proposal included wording to the affect that in the event of a government shutdown that our military must still get paid…and Harry Reid being the true liberal that he is says that will be rejected by the Senate also. So while it’s nice to know that Reid knows the Senate vote even BEFORE they do, his total rejection of continuing paychecks for our military…agreed to in a unanimous House vote…shows his true character and dislike for those who defend our country…again just like Barack HUSSEIN Obama does And we all know that these marching orders NOT to even consider let alone compromise on the new House bill come directly from Barack HUSSEIN Obama himself…from the very man who has NO trouble talking to and compromising with our enemies…but then again in his eyes ‘We the People’ are the enemies…the enemies of his socialist agenda and the enemy of his blood brethren. And so this afternoon when the Senate rejects the House short-term stop-gap bill, we know the in-the-pocket-for-Obama media will blame the Republicans for the sure to follow first government shutdown in nearly 20 years, even while the House immediately moves to construct and pass another bill that would challenge ObamaCare. So let the shutdown begin…in fact it’s most welcomed for in reality it will take a government shutdown…NOT just the threat of a shutdown…to get Barack HUSSEIN Obama and Harry Reid down from their media appointed pedestals and force them to the negotiating table where they will have to take the Republicans seriously while the Republicans work to clean-up Obama and Reid’s economic mess. And what’s truly sad is that in today’s America real policy discussion and negotiation can only happen when both sides are forced to the table because both sides have much to lose.


On Saturday, September 28, 2013, the House passed two perfecting amendments to the Senate amendment to H.J.Res. 59, a resolution to make continuing appropriations for fiscal year 2014. The first perfecting House amendment, which repealed the medical device tax as set out in section 4191 of the Internal Revenue Code, passed by a vote of 248-174. (See Roll Call #497). The second perfecting amendment, which inserted a delay of Obamacare, including all taxes, passed by a vote of 231-192. (See Roll Call #498). Both perfecting House amendments included a change in the expiration date of the continuing resolution back to December 15, 2013 and made certain changes to the anomalies and technical changes included in the Senate amendment, including removing the authority for the Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial Commission to enter into contracts for construction on the site on Independence Avenue opposite the National Air and Space Museum during the term of the continuing resolution (through December 15, 2013). Both perfecting House amendments also extended for the period of the continuing resolution a Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) program for Iraqis who have worked alongside U.S. government and Armed Forces and now face persecution for that partnership. The visas would cover those with pending applications (approximately 3,000) and add 2,000 additional visas for those who apply. On Monday, September 30, 2013, the Senate voted to table the House perfecting amendments by a vote of 54-46 (See Vote Number 210).


Senate rejects House funding bill with government shutdown in clear sight By Alexander Bolton - 09/30/13 02:30 PM ET Congress took another step toward a government shutdown Monday as the Senate voted 54-46 to strip language from a House funding bill that delayed ObamaCare by a year. Read more: Follow us: @thehill on Twitter | TheHill on Facebook Tue Jul 02, 2013 at 03:50 PM PDT Obama White House puts Employer Mandate on hold until 2015 by Lefty CoasterFollow Email 516 Comments / 516 New Bad news for millions of workers who have no employer provided health insurance, the Obama White House is letting their employers out of complying with the Employer Mandate until 2015. White House delays employer mandate requirement until 2015 health care law until 2015. By Sarah Kliff The Obama administration will not penalize businesses that do not provide health insurance in 2014, the Treasury Department announced Tuesday. Instead, it will delay enforcement of a major Affordable Care Act requirement that all employers with more than 50 employees provide coverage to their workers until 2015. The administration said it would postpone the provision after hearing significant concerns from employers about the challenges of implementing it. “We have heard concerns about the complexity of the requirements and the need for more time to implement them effectively,” Mark Mazur, Assistant Secretary for Tax Policy, wrote in a late Tuesday blog post.

Thank you Repugnicans

I would just like to thank the Repugnican party for all the help that they have have given to our Federal Employees. First, 155 are laid off in a contract dispute and then you stop paying them entirely and send them home again. Nice work. And don't forget the several thousand that have endured partial furloughs through sequestration across the state - oh heck, lets just send em all home to stay. But I wish to remind our Repugnican massah's that Federal Employees are actually people and those actual people spend their, yes, hard earned money, right here in this state. Or, they did before you fools sent them all home. And all of this so that Repugnicans can stop sick and poor people from going to the doctor. Repugnican legislators, please stop your own pay so that you understand the pain that you've inflicted. Respectfully Submitted, Force 12


GOP ONLY ASK THAT (ONE YEAR DELAY) NOT DEFUND OBAMACARE AND NOT TO SHUT DOWN GOV.TO BE FAIR TO EVERYONE!Then in July, the OBAMA administration pushed back the employer mandate FOR THE RICH. Previously,RICH companies with 50-plus full-timers had to start providing coverage in 2014 or face penalties. Now THE RICH have until 2015.HOWEVER MOST OF THE POOR PEOPLE HAVE GOT TO GET IT NOW!OBAMA SAYS IF HOUSE OR THE SEN. VOTE TO DELAY HIS HEALTH CARE HE WILL VETO IT?IT IS THE DEM AND OBAMA WAY OR THE HIGHWAY

Dear Freedomforall,

Repugnicans didn't even mention a "1-year delay" until long, LONG AFTER they began their shutdown extortion. They didn't propose this until they finally began to understand the word "NO!" and realized that they needed a talking point somewhat less than total defunding or they'd sound just like what they are. Angry rich white men. The delay is the merest figleaf of cover for their real agenda of stopping ACA, and more importantly to them, to damage President Obama personally. Never mind their other agenda of stopping poor and sick folks from going to a doctor because we all know they are just a bunch of "takers" anyway. Before the Tea Potty, I normally voted split tickets to choose the best qualified candidates. My voting has become much simpler now. Respectfully Submitted, Force 12

Just FYI...

You may have to rethink that whole "respectfully" thing.

Learn the facts

I really don't think you have researched all facts before posting this on here. I would encourage you to do your research and fact findings before you place this type of statements on the local paper web site. The Dems didn't close the government. The Rep said they wanted to defund Obama care, that's why they have votes on this 46 times already. They have said that they would close the Govt if they can't get this defunded and they did just that.


I think you need to learn the factS before you do any more posting on here.I would encourage to do some true fact finding.It looks like you do not have a clue what is going on?Watch c-span, maybe this will help you.

Do you actually believe that

Do you actually believe that 'C-Span' is not biased? You need to clean your 'rose-colored glasses'!

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