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VA audit flags EC clinic

By Jon Hawley

The Daily Advance

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A nationwide audit of patient scheduling practices and wait times at Veterans Affairs medical facilities has flagged the Albemarle Primary Outpatient Clinic in Elizabeth City for further review.

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I'm a veteran who applied to the VA some 13 months ago.

It took me 13 months to get into the system and that long to get my first appointment for medical assistance. Once in the system I can say that appointments in Elizabeth City, Virginia Beach and Hampton VA facilities have all been first class. I was told when I started the process that there was a backup. I'm in good health and could afford the wait. I know many veterans who aren't and cannot afford the wait. They might not survive it.

Perfect Timing

Where has Sen. Kay Hagan been for the last 4 years. She is nothing but a career Politian. We need new leadership in N.C and term limits for all elected offices.

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