Veterans: Bergdahl-Taliban deal bad

By Bob Montgomery

Assistant News Editor

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Area veterans say they strongly disagree with President Obama’s decision to trade five Taliban prisoners for an American soldier who had been held captive for five years by the group fighting U.S. forces in Afghanistan.

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Lets connect the dots

Gordonfan wiki Fort Richardson. Now class as things change at the speed of light these days. Wiki 501st Parachute Infantry Regiment. You will see one battalion is part of the 25th Inf Div. Group now being called 4th Brigade Combat Team (Airborne) 25th Inf Div USArmy located Fort Richardson, Alaska. History... 501st was/is part of 101st and yes was in Kentucky until 1989 when unit was reactivated at Fort Richardson AK. Then was assigned to 4BCT (Airborne) 25th Inf Div on 14July2005. Oh on for extra credit class Fort Richardson was merged into a joint base with Elmendorf Air Force Base. Oh also can anyone tell me what that big white round thing my family member carries in a backpack looking thing when he enters a military aircraft in Alaska. Class dismissed. BTW yes there is very little punctuation and proper grammer in this but my keyboard is the size of a book of matches and us Navy Guys were taught not to sweat the little s__t.

To JeffGordonFan

There is or until recently a unit of the 101st stationed in Alaska this unit is trained in artic warfare as I am sure the military trains different units for different types of terrain etc. There used to be a army unit in new york state that was a mountain unit. Anyway I believe the army spreads their specialized units around under larget commands. Maybe you can go to the army's web site and check out Fort Richardsons (I may have spelling wrong) anyway its located north and east of anchorage. As for my son true it would be a hard decision but to my family member who was placed in harms way looking for a guy who just upped and walked away looking for the taliban to join well... And I'm sure the parents of the 6 guys killed looking for him loved their son's just as much. I know my family member misses his buds.


Mountain Man here's a news flash for you: the 101st is in Kentucky. For all you know-it-alls with all the answers; if he was your son you would be singing a different song. Let the facts be found and the conjecture stopped. All soldiers are to be treated with the same regard during war and peacetime and everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

Bergdahl is now under the

Bergdahl is now under the control of the administration. The administration will do whatever it can to make its decision to trade 5 Taliban leaders for Bergdahl look to be a good decision. They might decide that the appropriate route is have psychiatrists find Bergdahl incompetent to be court martialed. That way, critics of the administration can't claim the President swapped 5 known killers for a deserter. Regardless, Bergdahl won't be made available to public questioning until after the administration decides how to put themselves in the most favorable light.

I think Bergdahl is

a mentally ill traitor. I'm confident the military will treat him appropriately if the Commander in Chief stays out of it.

I have a family member

Who served with this traitor and was in the first team to be sent to look for him. He also knew all of the six HEROS killed while searching for the traitor and several were good friends. This young man is highly ticked off to say the least as are the other members of his team. The traitor would do well to stay far away from the state of Alaska home of the 101st Airbourne.

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