Vision 2020: Schools need clearer goals

By Jon Hawley

The Daily Advance

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Editor’s note: Our continuing series on the Vision 2020 action team plans continues with a look at education.

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Vision 2020: Schools need clearer goals

Seems like creating leadership initiatives from outside sources "(Visionary) Do what will help us reach OUR GOAL? (Affilliative) Let's do what is best for everyone (Democratic) Lets decide What to do together (Pacesetting)Do what I do (COACHING) How can I help you do it better" "The Common Core kills innovation. When its the only game in town, its the only game in town." The Common Core Standards are a set-up for national standardized tests, test that can't evaluate complex thought, can't avoid cultural bias, can't measure non verbal learning, and can’t predict anything of consequence (and waste boatloads of money)."

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