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White makes 2014 bid official

By Jon Hawley

The Daily Advance

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Dare County real estate developer Stan White formally announced his candidacy Monday for the state Senate seat in the 1st District, continuing his quest for a potential rematch with incumbent state Sen. Bill Cook, R-Beaufort.

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Mr White

You can kiss Camden goodbye also.


I find it interesting that Stan White wants to run for the Senate. In 2012 when he ran he stated that there was no need for him to be in Raleigh due to the GOP held legislature. By saying this he implied that he would not even try to work across the aisle. White had given up trying. Why would he do any better in the future??? Just another excuse for not being effective.

Good luck Mr. Stan White.

If this is your platform for 2014, good luck!! And just what are you going to get accomplished with a GOP legislature and governor? I'm sure they'll be paying a lot of attention to you and your good old boy way of running state government from the previous era. You will likely be trounced this go around regardless of how much money you raise. Senator Bill Cook has got to be salivating at getting you as an opponent. We've seen you in action (ugh) and we don't need any more of you just occupying a seat with an inability to accomplish anything. I'm going to bet you won't even carry Dare County. I know you won't carry Currituck.

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