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Womble explains party switch timing

By William F. West

The Daily Advance

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District Attorney Andrew Womble says his decision to switch his political registration from unaffiliated to Republican three days after his predecessor’s death was not an act of political opportunism, but instead an act to align his party identification with his “principles as a lifelong conservative.”

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Thank You Absolute!

Thank you for speaking up. You are too funny. The person you are referring to attempts to bully others by name calling and being insulting. He forgets that I taught middle school. I have met his type before. Now watch him come back and turn our words around.

Clyde Dorsey,

I'm proud of you for having taught middle school. I'm not impressed however with either you or Absolute calling me names. P.S. I'm still waiting on the numbers you promised on your salary as an educator and as a union activist to show how under compensated you are.


I support Nancy Lamb for DA. I will work for her campaign and in addition vote for her. Mr. Womble should be careful of having TDA publishing the names of people who support him who are not very well respected in our community. It could hurt his campaign. I will inbox him on Facebook to let him know this. People who tear others down and contribute nothing positive should not be named in the TDA as supporting Mr. Womble.

I support Andrew Womble.

I will campaign for him, donate to his campaign, work the polls for him and do anything I can to keep him DA. Clyde Dorsey, how do you feel about those who are dishonest. Should their names be mentioned in TDA supporting candidates? I'm sure Mr. Womble will place a lot of credence on your Facebook inbox to him.

name calling

Willie Lieman why do you keep bullying and calling people names? See everyone can name call/bully!

Dems telling voters

which candidates are Republican enough? That is funny!

Nice Hit Piece

Good to see the Advance delving into this candidate's past. Let's see more reporting like this, on both parties' candidates. Some big story from the past still hasn't surfaced yet. Hmm, what that all about?

What was left out of this article

was the rest of the story about the First Judicial District attorneys straw poll that selected Womble over Lamb. Although Womble only won that straw poll by one vote, what was omitted from the article is that 72% of the attorneys voting are registered Democrats and they still selected Andrew Womble, a Republican over Lamb, a Democrat. Eddie Oneal, past chairman of the Democratic Party in Pasquotank, Keith Teague, lifelong Democrat, H.P. Williams , livelong Democrat, among numerous other attorneys all wholeheartedly support Andrew Womble to continue as our District Attorney. This speaks volumes. I might add that only the attorneys know what actually goes on in the courthouse and District Attorney's office. I trust their judgement and will actively support and vote to keep Andrew Womble our District Attorney on Nov.4.

and so what

and sometimes support comes from a desire to support a friend and keep those 'friendships' intact and other times support comes from a desire to maintain the 'good ole boy' network. And sometimes it is nothing more than not wanting to see a woman in this job. So he only gained the support of one additional attorney in the selection process so I wouldn't be bragging too much about the attorneys that support him. And maybe those democrats voting for him KNEW he was a republican only so as to get a job BUT was a lifelong democrat before!

I find it interesting that the Daily Advance

is questioning Womble's residence, when they ignored two (2) voters in the November 2012 Presidential election when one admitted in a written statement that she did not live at the address she voted under (she lived in California) and one under oath admitted she was a resident of Portsmouth VA on the day that she voted in Pasquotank and on the day she was appearing in Pasquotank as a result of a voter challenge. By the way, DA reporter Jon Hawley was present when the testimony was given on both of the above. Betsy Meads

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