Womble met with Wright at jail

By William F. West

The Daily Advance

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Even though he was in the courtroom last week when the case was finally concluded, District Attorney Andrew Womble says he made a point of staying out of his office’s plea negotiations with now-convicted murderer Christopher Wright.

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This article should have been

a part of the first article and I feel confident was not by design. It is amusing however that these facts that appeared in the second article make it clear that some of the commentary following the first was written by Lamb surrogates. Funny how Lamb claims politics should play no role in the DA's office but it is very clear she is playing politics to advance her own ambition while remaining on the payroll. Lamb thinks she is entitled to "inherit" this office which is typical of Lamb arrogance, ie Joe lamb, Zee Lamb & Nancy Lamb. They see themselves as Democrat Party royalty and I am sure will spend a small fortune to prove it. After all, might as well make Zee's frustrated political ambitions come to life through his, "wife".

He met with

He met with this defendant as the Public Defender and then prosecuted him. End of discussion.

jailhouse chat

Excuse me, I am not a lawyer(thank God), but if you are the public defender, and you visit me in jail, and you give me legal advice, then I would think you are my lawyer. How can the same man in the same case, first meet with a defendant as his public defender, and then head the office that prosecutes the same case. Despite his denial, it appears Womble was consulted and had a role in the final plea bargain? This case is disturbing on many fronts. The deaths were terrible, the plea deal was lenient given the crime and in my opinion the District Attorney has a conflict of interest.

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