District Attorney Andrew Womble speaks to a gathering of the Albemarle-Pamlico Republican Club in Elizabeth City, Thursday night.

William F. West/The Daily Advance

District Attorney Andrew Womble speaks to a gathering of the Albemarle-Pamlico Republican Club in Elizabeth City, Thursday night.

Womble: Seeking justice should be prosecutor’s role

By William F. West

The Daily Advance

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Even though district attorneys are called prosecutors, the region’s new district attorney believes they’re actually justice-seekers.

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I assure you that it will be informatve...

The Pasquotank Republicans are hosting a meeting with "Educators and a Legislator". This is a serious meeting so that Rep. Steinburg can inform our educators about the facts, regarding education budgets and past,current, and proposed legislation and what they hope to accomplish in the future. Educators will have the opportunity to advise Rep. Steinburg and locals of issues in our schools that should be addressed either on the local level or on the state level. Just as the local GOP was instrumental in asking our Hospital employees what their opinion was on who they wanted to lease the hospital, we think it is just as important that educators have an avenue to advise us of problems that sometimes do not see the light of day when moving up the chain of command. It is important that we use our educator's knowledge to correct problems in our schools. The corporate "suggestion box" is just as viable in education as it is in business. We feel it is imperative to listen to ideas from the ones in the classroom for ways to make our education process better. It is equally important that our educators and legislators have a dialogue or nothing will be accomplished. Anyone expecting a sideshow, please stay home. This is for those interested in the education of our children and the means needed to create a better learning and living environment in our area. It is not a fist pumping, finger pointing event. As far as Steinburg's remark, I believe it will be an entertaining and an informative evening for all concerned as happens when there is a fellowship of the minds. In addition to the Advance's report of the event, a video will also be available. Betsy Meads

Education Excellency

cannot be achieved just by throwing money at it. NC is eight from the top, in the nation, in funding our public schools. Competition in school systems is what we need to produce the best students. School vouchers finally give poor people the same options as President Obama or a Kennedy. The problem is that Public School Administrators believe they are entitled to the tax payer's money and can turn out any level of education they want.

Jay Leno Steinberg

Steinburg, who has been at odds with education advocates in the past, said the Pasquotank Republican Party is inviting teachers to a meeting with him at the courthouse Tuesday at 7 p.m. “So, if you are interested in a nice evening of entertainment, that might be something you might want to put down on your calendar,” Steinburg told the audience of Republicans, drawing laughter. Another education forum. How did that turn out for you last time? At an education forum in Currituck it was Steinberg who did the finger pointing? This should be interesting.

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