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Iredell County town says: Don't blame us for nearby KKK rally

The Associated Press

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HARMONY — A small North Carolina town is putting out word it doesn't condone and has nothing to do with a planned rally by members of the Ku Klux Klan.

The town of Harmony says it just happens to be the nearest town to the property where Klan members are meeting Saturday.

Harmony has about 600 residents and no stop lights. The town posted a notice on its Web site that says has no racial problems and is "a small, peaceful town that loves everyone no matter their skin color."

A white-supremacist Klan group called the Loyal White Knights says it will hold a "cross-lighting" that only whites are invited to attend. Members of Occupy groups plan a counter-demonstration

The Iredell County Sheriff's Department says it doesn't expect any confrontations.

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