John Hood: Left’s reverence for free speech more myth than reality

By John Hood

Syndicated columnist

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RALEIGH — In a free society, the right to express one’s political views without governmental restraint or reprisal ought to be sacrosanct. Unfortunately, it isn’t. Some politicians and activists seem to believe they have the right not just to express their views but also to limit the right of others to do the same.

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I agree Mr Hood

Well put.

Uh, Tea Party!

This is an exquisite, and supremely funny irony!

Civil disobedience is an American tradition. If no one raises their voice then no change is possible. We live in a one-party state where civil disobedience is now our only option to publicly disagree with this curiously cowardly set of Republicans.

Without civil disobedience the American Revolution could never have happened, and the "Tea Party" would need a new name!

Without civil disobedience, the American Civil Rights Movement would never have moved.

Without civil disobedience, we would still be in Viet Nam.

Without civil disobedience, North Carolina will remain a repugnican colony.

I marched in Raleigh a couple of months ago. I was struck by the total diversity of the crowd. More whites than blacks, actually. More middle-aged professionals than anyone else. Far more than one issue to argue. This is anything BUT the classic image of protest movements. This is something entirely new. This is a fusion of the entire spectrum of NC citizens disgusted by Republican tyranny and cowardly behavior.

It IS called the Moral Monday Marches, not the "so-called" marches. You disrespect the very thing that has defined our democracy since founding. You disrespect THIS tradition because it disagrees with your play-along mentality. Believe me, we know our place. You may want us to move to the back of the bus and sit quietly, but WE OWN this bus.

Respectfully Submitted,

Force 12


Well said Force 12!

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