Letter: Guns may not kill, but they sure make it easier

By Jim Bridges

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Maybe guns don’t kill people, but think how few people a deranged person could stab or strangle to death.

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So... how should a

law abiding citizen defend against a deranged knife wielding criminal cranked up on meth? Talk him down? Call 911 and bleed out before police and ambulance arrive? Maybe you could adopt the submission ritual dogs use - just lay on your back and expose your jugular... It's amazing how the secular world view that directly contributes to violence by promoting a society bereft of shame or conscience... by hacking and gnawing at the biblical moorings of our country's founding - is the same crowd that wants to disarm law abiding citizens. Anyone see a trend here? As our president said - he wants to fundamentally transform our country... Scary stuff...

The right of the people

To bear arms shall not be infringed. We are the militia.

A deranged person you say?

A deranged person you say? Like Timothy McVeigh? .... They say "if there's a will, there's a way".

Drive by Drinking

Nice little quip Jim, but drunks kill more people with their cars than drive by shooters. Funny how people are seeking ways to reduce guns instead of reducing murders. According to the FBI, hundreds of people are killed each year with hands and feet and thousands with knives and clubs. That is why the saying goes "God created man, but Colonel Colt made them equal"

But drunks don't kill intentionally

But drunk drivers don't kill intentionally.

Neither do guns

kill intentionally... That's like blaming aircraft for the collapse of the twin towers... Are you suggesting we outlaw automobiles - or limit access? Lets focus on who is pulling the trigger and why - not the fact that there is a trigger - or a car - or an aircraft. As a very wise friend told me - typically it's hurt people that hurt people. Lets start looking at the problems and not the symptoms...

Very good point

Glenn Beck put killings into perspective when he said: "It's time to stop questioning the HOW and start questioning the WHY".


drunk drivers don't think or act rationally either. Is that an excuse for driving while impaired? Try to justify a drunk driver's killing of an innocent person to the family who has lost a loved one needlessly because of a drunk's irresponsible actions! Go fish for sympathy and understanding for a common drunk somewhere else sister! They all should be executed after the second offense!

They are all just tools

Funny you post that. In England where Guns are outlawed they have a very real problem of walk/run by stabbings. Matter fact, all over London are drop boxes for knives that say "get a life, drop your knife". It is sad because it just shows like guns here, people give the tool more msytique than it deserves.


Jim Knives are far more deadly than guns, as Dr.s use knives daily to KILL the unborn But you being an Obama supporter would not understand that.

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