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Letter: Worry about abortion instead of pollution

By Forrest Turner

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Let me get this straight: our president is going to regulate the cleanest coal fired plants in the world to “save the children” while the Texas Democrats are against any regulations on abortion to save the children?

Elizabeth City


... and Republicans think...

that more ethnic minorities and women will vote for them if they write laws that crush their families and steal their rights. ... funny how this works. Respectfully submitted, Force 12

I wonder if that is all that

I wonder if that is all that caused the majority of republican votes in our last election, or could it be the staggering amount of indebtedness of our state under democratic majority rule long now?

So, you're saying...

That it's okay for Repubs to do bad things because Dems did too? I don't think that was the deal that voters signed on for. How 'bout just doing the RIGHT thing for a change. Both sides can get behind that. Respectfully Submitted, Force 12


Yes. Your point? Respectfully Submitted, Force 12

Good Point

You make a good point Mr. Turner.

I guess the Texas Democrats

I guess the Texas Democrats feel that the fewer babies there are to breathe the polluted air the better.

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