Letter: TDA criticism of McCrory’s DA pick sour grapes

By John Woodard

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If you read the editorial in Sundays paper, and you heard an unusual sound, it was all the sour grapes The Daily Advance was squeezing. The only thing that was missing were the cheerleaders and pom poms for Nancy Lamb.

Dear Reader,
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good letter!

I agree.

Nancy Lamb and Little Rascals

Whatever Mr. Womble's shortcomings, they do not include having wrongfully, brazenly and unremorsefully prosecuted seven innocent North Carolinians for the imaginary crime of "satanic ritual abuse."

I think you mean left

I think you meant 'to the left'


Very good response Mr. Woodard. You told the obvious truth and the sad part is that this right leaning liberal press and TV are not just here in EC but all over the Nation. Every possible story that is deemed news worthy has a right wing slant to it. Those stories that aren't news worthy are normally stores that can't be spun in the correct way, oh I mean right way, unless you want to give it to "Bud" he can spin anything to the right. :)

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