‘Project Trident’ not coming to Camden; jobs will stay in Va.

By Cindy Beamon

The Daily Advance

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CAMDEN — A company Camden has been courting for the past 10 months for its new Eco-Industrial Park will go elsewhere, spurning a $6.3 million incentive package offered by the state of North Carolina.

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Oh yes,

let's get FREE money from the government. Arrgh. I am trying to conceptualize what the difference is in NC losing jobs to VA and Virginians losing positions at jobs to North Carolinians. Their is some valuable and ethical reasons imbedded in NC's search. What I have such disdain for is the comments (not written ones) I have heard that are putting VA down. You guys know I am talking about you. Just for the record, I am exceedingly sorry this venture fell through. It would have been wonderful .

I 'm not surprised.

VA is constantly beating northeastern NC for jobs. But hey, this way camden will still be considered a teir 1. That's more free money from the government!

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