Letter: Hagan now trying to run from Obamacare

By John Woodard

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There are many views of Obamacare that span the entire political spectrum. Some people support federal health care and want our country to endorse a single-payer insurance program. However, now that people are losing their private health insurance to cancellation, politicians like U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan seem to be willing to throw their president over the side of the ship in order to save themselves and their careers while claiming that they did not know the details of what to expect.

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Well, they said they never read it!

They are reaping what they sowed, having claimed, as then Speaker of the House Pelosi claimed, "We have to pass it to read it!" We now know every claim made was a lie, the administration pandered to the low-information voter and all we can do now is kick them all out of office with the next election!

The people of NC

should make this Senator Hagan's last term. The vote for Obamacare was just the tip of the iceberg.

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