Teacher contracts concern for board

By Corinne Saunders

The Daily Advance

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CURRITUCK — Currituck school officials say they have a number of concerns about a new state law offering contracts and raises to teachers who voluntarily agree to give up their tenure rights.

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Why should the teachers give up their tenure?

This happens because teachers

This happens because teachers right are getting tough to manage which is why teachers would prefer giving up rather than staying and getting things unfairly. - Dennis Wong

Propaganda article.....

Being offered a contract as a tenured teacher is a slap in the face. The school district is communicating they want a path to cut them loose for no reason once they have no tenure. The $500 bribe a year will be unnoticeable after taxes. Funding for the four years is not guaranteed. The incentive is a bait and a communication tool that the school district really does NOT value those selected. Shameful that the Teacher of the Year would be singled out for example's sake (even if she or he is not eligible). A Freudian slip. Big picture - make it difficult to keep highly qualified professionals in teaching (lack of tenure, pay for advanced degrees, working conditions and the disrespect/contempt of our elected officials) and the resulting profound shortage will facilitate online at home instruction K-12. Schools will be less needed as brick and mortar places. Keep your kids at home 24/7 and meet all their needs.

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