Council seeks policy for prayers to open meetings

Jon Hawley

The Daily Advance

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Elizabeth City City Council took the first step Monday toward again opening its semimonthly meetings with prayer, agreeing with council’s two ordained pastors that prayers can be offered in a way that doesn’t expose the city to legal action.

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My phone call and email to NC ACLU today

Hi Mike [Meno], I just checked the online version of the Daily Advance and discovered that the title of the article that we discussed as well as some of the opening text has been changed since the print version appeared this morning. The early print version read: "Council approves opening prayers" whereas the online version reads "Council seeks policy for prayers to open meetings." Please let me know what you and your colleagues think of all this and thanks for your patience on the phone this evening. I'll scan the printed article and email it to you tomorrow. Cheers, John Parker PS EC Council: You are being watched...

If you don't address who you

If you don't address who you are talking to by name, how does that person know you are talking to them? If you just say a prayer outloud and not address it to someone, is that really a prayer? I prefer not to have someone say a prayer for me if they are going to pray to something I do not believe in. God Bless you as you deal with this issue. I will be praying for the Jesus' name, Amen.

And to think

He died for all of us. To leave Him out of our prayers is not a prayer. Our country needs God and Jesus now more than ever. If we don't turn to Him, He will turn on us.

The whole camel...

is inside the tent. I personally object to opening city council meetings with "prayer." Let the games begin. Respectfully Submitted, Force 12

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