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Letter: Seekers of private ed should pay for it

By Stella W. Jernigan

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I’ve been reading about the school system. It seems like the private schools want the state to help pay the tuition for their students. That’s not fair!

Dear Reader,
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Little hypocracy there

Liberals are always selling their wares under the guise of 'the greater good'. Higher taxes, government run healthcare, gun control, killing embryos for stem cells, everything for the greater good EXCEPT in this case when it is perfectly logical, The objective is that the poor get to go to better schools and the public schools have to improve to compete, which in the long run benefits everybody for the greater good. Race won't be a problem as long as everybody has equal access. The dirty secret is that liberals fear losing control of the money and their worst fear is that God might find a place back in the education system. How am I doing so far Commander?


If you ever want to change anything you need to stay on topic.

I'm paying twice

I am paying for my son to go to a private school, because I was tired of him getting assaulted in public school. However, I am paying both the tuition for his school, and for the public school system I don't support by paying my taxes. A voucher system which repays those of us who choose not to participate in a broken system is all we ask.

Let's look at the numbers

Let's see how the schools rank:

Well, this is Strange

I agree in some ways with some of what Ms. Jernigan has to say but she goes much too far. In general, I believe that if you want your child to go to private school (and there are myriad reason other than race for choosing a private school), then find the resources from someone other than me. I'm opposed to the voucher system. I have chosen to send my child to private school for academic reasons. Yet I pay taxes to support public schools without complaint; indeed, I think the public schools are underfunded and would happily pay a little more if the 1% pitches in as they are able. My issue (aside from my general opposition) is that those who have homeschooled are excluded as of now. To get the voucher, the child has to have been enrolled in public school. That eliminates, in many cases, those who homeschool for academic reasons. And those are the very people who would benefit. Charter Schools have evolved into a de facto private school system and that was not the intent. The Charter school movement was intended to encourage experiments in education, innovation; it wasn't intended as a parallel system. I find it weird to agree with freethinker and freespeaker in any way.

All people, consider the fact that we are not

near the top in education on the world stage. We have got to quit repeating failure. Our schools for the most part are getting failing report cards. Why do we want to doom our children to this condition? We have got to do different and the answer is not throwing more money in the pit. Generally published studies show the funding per student is not the answer to increased education levels. If funding was the answer, this taxpayer who despises paying taxes at the level I am required to would gladly support increased educational taxes; it just isn't the answer.


So Stella, going to a private school makes you a snob? This is the best argument you can come up with against charter and private schools? That's kinda like saying if you eat a lot of fruit, it makes you a fruitcake. My kids attended a private school (all costs were paid out of my pocket)from pre-K thru 12th grade, graduating with top grades and placing in the 95th percentile in SAT scores. They went to college and graduated (also out of my pocket), have decent jobs, and are very well adjusted (not snobs), well liked within their employers groups and peers, and are well respected in their communities. What they got from a private education was: Full attention from their caring teachers, a fair and disciplined learning environment, no bullying or between class personality clashes, no distractions or disruptions by underachieving students with low/no morals or standards, and most of all, a quality education. You know, the kind of education that public school systems USED to provide many, many years ago. So don't spew your mindless drivel about fairness. What's not fair is that you and others have allowed the public school system to deteriorate into an ineffective tool and failing your children by not holding public school administration accountable. In short Stella, you need to get your groove back!


Who do you think pays for the public schools? It's the same people that are asking that their children get a better education, by sending them to private schools. That person should be able to get some of their tax money back so that they can send their children to private school. Why should we pay for a dumbing down system like public schools.

Why won't we improve our

Why won't we improve our public schools? The comments I'm reading here all seem to agree that our public school system is not good; private or charter schools are better. Why are they better? What are they doing that is different? Why are we not defining the serious discrepancies in our public school system and then setting about to eliminate them? I have raised this question before in my comments. I have yet to receive a reasonable answer.

Follow the money

Look at the actions of Teachers Unions, fighting to get bad teachers back into classrooms; being behind cheating scandals (Atlanta); among a myriad of other 'sins', such as lying in Chicago (

Your comments are newsworthy

Your comments are newsworthy items; but they do not address my comment or answer my question. I'm speaking about the public school system here in NC; not GA or IL. The school system that just recently decided to stop 'social promotions'; apparently that has been going on for centuries.

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