Our View: More potatoes — Extended festival good for city, residents

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If the N.C. Potato Festival celebration can draw 25,000 people to Elizabeth City, as it did last year, imagine what three days could do.

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I prefer a harbor festival!

Do you realize starch and grease is something that is killing and costing Americans greatly whether it is diabetes or obesity. I hate to see it celebrated. Being fat is not fun, trust me. I am not for outlawing choices but to celebrate something is all together different. This is the equivalent of a tobacco festival.

It's a POTATO festival...not a Health Fair

Come on, it's a Potato Festival, not a health fair. Even though potatoes don't need to be fried all the time doing so not a bad form of cooking so long as it is done correctly (thank you to Alton Brown for shedding light on this). The nutrients in potatoes and their skins are a great addition to any diet. As with all things, yes even kale, excess is harmful. Enjoy the festival that brings in tens of thousands of people to our town, increased revenue to the area, and don't get so focused on over exaggerated statements. Thanks to the city for allowing for the expansion of this event to three days!

Blah Blah Blah

You mind what you eat and we'll mind what we eat. We don't need you or like New York, the gov't to tell us what we can or cannot eat and drink. Almost anything in excess is bad for us. Moderation is the key. If potatoes aren't good for YOU then don't eat them. If you're obese it's up to YOU to lose weight not the rest of the world to monitor what you eat.

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