Icy roads cited for 30 wrecks across region early today

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An overnight dusting of snow and ice delayed school openings today and is being blamed for approximately 30 vehicle accidents across the region, none involving life-threatening injuries.

Capt. John Young of the Elizabeth City Police Department said nine accidents have been reported in the city since 5 a.m. today. Young said two of them were on the bridges over Knobbs Creek and one happened on the Halstead Extended Boulevard bridge.

Saunders said those are two trouble spots during inclement weather.

"People just need to know that those are going to be bad areas when we have icy conditions," she said.

Saunders said she has not received any reports of any life-threatening injuries in the accidents.

In Camden County, Sheriff Tony Perry said he's received reports of three vehicle accidents. One occurred on the high-rise bridge over the Dismal Swamp Canal near South Mills, Perry said.

Another, which happened on the Camden Causeway, involved a vehicle leaving the roadway and ending up in a swampy area. The other involved five vehicles on U.S. Highway 158 near the medical park, Perry said.

Perry said no injuries were reported.

In Perquimans County, Sheriff Eric Tilley said two vehicle wrecks were reported on the U.S. Highway 17 high-rise bridge over the Perquimans River. One person complained of minor injuries after the accident, Tilley said.

In Currituck County, one truck reportedly was in the ditch on Tolls Creek Road. In addition, an accident on Ballahack Road in Chesapeake, Va., backed up traffic on N.C. Highway 168 near the Virginia-North Carolina line.

The Elizabeth City area received four-tenths of an inch of snow over the past 24 hours, according to the Weather Channel's Internet site.

Concerns about icy roads prompted officials in all area school districts to delay school openings today by two hours. 



are definitely southern drivers LOL

Are you implying that

Are you implying that 'southern drivers have no common sense? If one steps upon a snowy, icy, sidewalk; they should not try to run on it. They use common sense, and walk slowly to keep from falling and hurting themselves. The mystery to me is why these same people drive their vehicles onto snowy, icy streets/roads and drive the same way they would drive on a summer day. Their vehicles go into a slide and into a ditch or another vehicle. Then they have the audacity to blame the accident on the icy,snowy streets/roads.

So Correct

I so agree with you about the way people drive in snow and actually in all bad weather. It seems as though when there's snow on the roads or heavy rains it's a signal to drivers to go faster. Watch and see if you don't notice how fast they drive.

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