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Soldier charged with 3 stabbings

By William F. West

The Daily Advance

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A U.S. Army soldier is in jail facing felony assault charges after Elizabeth City police say he stabbed three people outside a downtown nightclub early Tuesday.

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Like to Hear

Like to hear both sides of this story. These service guys were our guest in EC.

Local charges will pale.....

in comparison to the disciplinary charges he will face once he reports back to his commander. His military career will certainly be in question IF convicted. Sounds more like a self defense issue than an attack.


So this guy stabs three people and and only gets a 15,000 bond. I understand that its a good probability that everyone involved in the altercation was under the influence of some type of impairing substance. But 15,000 seems to be mediocre in regards to the bigger picture.

One against three

Sounds like he was defending himself.

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