Letter: Voucher plan robs schools, invites bias lawsuits

By Jack Lilienthal Jr.

The Daily Advance

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The Daily Advance’s recent article “Schools hail voucher plan suspension” showed potentially serious problems on several levels. Data released shows that over half of the early voucher applicants come from the four most populated counties in North Carolina, with two-thirds of them choosing four private schools: two Christian and two Islamic. Conservatives now find their plan backfiring, placing them in the unenviable and unintended position of using our tax dollars to assist the growth of Islamic education in North Carolina. That’s a story you won’t hear about from Fox News or Rush Limbaugh.

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Gut that voucher plan!

Let's hope for the best, in that the courts have the wisdom to strike down the school voucher plan. It would be a step in the right direction after those snakes in Raleigh so castrated public education chunk by chunk over the past year. Loss of the court case would doom our schools in the worst way imaginable as teachers flee our crumbling schools for living wages and better teaching environments in neighboring states. Perhaps this WAS the GOP's plan all along - to groom a new generation of sheeple they could more easily influence. Ever wonder why U.S. academics fall behind those of so many other countries? Isn't it nice when politicians play financial roulette with our childrens' academic futures?

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