State Senate hopeful’s job loss questioned

“They stuffed me in there knowing what would happen.”

Judy Krahenbuhl
State Senate candidate, claiming Hyde County school officials knew that the loss of one-time federal stimulus money, plus budget cuts, would force the district to downsize, thus costing her her job

By Jon Hawley

Staff Writer

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Judy Krahenbuhl, a Democratic candidate for the state Senate seat in the 1st District, says she was laid off from her job with the Hyde County Schools because of Republican budget cuts to education.

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Hmm. Untimely.

"Untimely" doesn't mean "didn't happen." This really could have been smartly executed retaliation given the level of management knowledge of budgets, cycles and politics, and the involvement of Mr. Latimore throughout.

On a second point, being terminated by budget cut does not contradict Ms. Krahenbuhl's point that retaliation put her in the budget-cut crosshairs. So, WAS she terminated with the 2010/2011 group that seems to have been overlooked by Mr. Whitaker?

Mr. White? Well, what can you say. Self-serving pile-on that's not really a pile-on, even while he's piling on.

Respectfully Submitted,

Force 12

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