Our View: Bridge’s low score not a surprise; false optimism is

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For months, area residents have expressed concern that the Mid-Currituck Bridge project, which lost its guaranteed funding following the Republican takeover of the state Legislature, wouldn’t fare well under a new method for determining state road priorities.

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The bridge will magically...

be funded when repugnicans think dems are threatening their seats. Just like the old days. Pork builds stuff.

Besides, the bridge project can only move forward as long as our science-proof legislature refuses to acknowledge sea level rise. However, it appears that this self-interested heads-in-the-dune legislature is really just buying time for NC-20 developers and rich donors, rather than truly denying the facts. If the predicted 39-inch sea-level rise occurs AFTER they build the bridge, the bridge will be our newest and nicest fishing pier, and really hard to 'splain.

I wouldn't look for serious funding consideration before 2016, when the next "scientific" study is due, along with a replacement for Governor McDuke.

I have taken a look at the scoring process in our DOT website and it looks like a serious attempt to manage projects. Each of the writers here, and previously, have remarked that the process favors the metropolitan areas, and that the decisions that have been made consciously and intentionally discriminate against more rural regions. I would like to see some facts to support this point. Or is this just so much gnashing of teeth to no end? Are you guys closet realtors?


Personally, I think the bridge is a bad idea and the fact that proponents use hurricane evacuation to support this thing just proves it. We can see a hurricane two weeks out. Anyone that stays should be on their own and wouldn't use a new bridge, or any other bridge. I hesitate to say this, but Darwin predicts that smart people will leave and won't mind stopping for gas in Kitty Hawk.

Just fix the darned Kitty Hawk intersection with a fly-over overpass leading north. It only has to work three months out of the year anyway.

Oh, and please name the developers and realtors that will directly profit to the north of Corolla next time. Maybe they will fund this monster.

Respectfully Submitted,

Force 12

Neither Sen Cook or Rep Steinburg are Good for Us

Neither Senator Cook or Rep Steinburg are good for Northeastern NC. Both are partly responsible for the Currituck bridge not being on a list of projects to be completed and both have been unfriendly to public education. As for myself, I will do whatever I can to see they are both voted out of office. The Currituck residents should be very disappointed that this project may not reach fruition.

Bully Steinburg

Steinburg and Cook are personally responsible for Currituck County losing any hope for the mid-county bridge. Even with a Republican Legislature in 2011-12, Senator Stan White and Rep. Owens were able to preserve mid-county bridge funding in the budget because they were effective advocates for our area. Steinburg and Cook are ineffective and sold us all out. Why? Because they just moved to North Carolina in the last few years. They know partisan Republican politics, but they do not know the people, the traditions and the history of the Albemarle area. They care more about being foot soldiers walking in lockstep with the tea party than they care about the Albemarle area.



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