EC bicyclist critical after hit by motorist

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An Elizabeth City man was in critical condition Thursday at a Virginia hospital, a day after his bicycle was struck by a car on Halstead Boulevard.

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According to the article, "Banks was riding a bicycle on Peartree Rd when he was struck in the Halstead Blvd intersection by a 2004 Mercedes Benz driven by Tasia Foote"... What am I missing? Banks was on the bike, Foote was driving the vehicle that hit him. Regards, Bill Hiemer

It has been edited from its earlier errors

As requested.

Good Job!

Good Job! Thanks! Bill Hiemer

Do some proof reading before posting

It would be nice if whoever wrote this could get the facts correct. Was Banks hit by the car or was Banks driving the car?

Poor editing

Agreed. I have often seen people on bikes on Halstead without helmets, reflective gear, or lights on their bicycles. There have been times when I noticed a rider when they were highlighted in the lights of another vehicle.

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