Schools to spend $505K on computers, reading materials

By Corinne Saunders

The Daily Advance

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Elizabeth City-Pasquotank Public Schools plans to spend a half-a-million dollars in unspent salary funds on new computers and reading materials.

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If the GA does what they should,

and are discussing,Common Core will be gone. I would say proceed slowly on purchases relating to Common Core.

I agree

The state of North Carolina is trying to get rid of Common Core. Why spend $100,000s of dollars on a certain curriculum when it will become obsolete within the year? Maybe pasquotank county should give their teachers a bonus or even a raise since they have half a million dollars to blow.

But I thought

That the mean old republicans in Raleigh had cut funding so bad and that was why all the local school boards were protesting. Interesting, very interesting...

Teachers needed and supplies too!

The county claimed they didnt have money for extra teachers and needed to cut positions but now they have a surplus of $505,000. Where did this extra money come from? Pasquotank County school system has been claiming they dont have money for supplies for the schools and no money for teaching positions and now they have half a million dollars to buy things certain administrators want to buy. They could have bought supplies and hired needed teachers. Something doesnt quite add up!

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