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Decision 2014: White, Mobley outraise Tuesday opponents

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Among the candidates for state and local office on Tuesday’s election ballot, state Senate hopeful Stan White, a Democrat, has far and away raised the most campaign cash, quarterly campaign finance reports filed with the N.C. Board of Elections show.

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Thank you supporters and this is still a democracy

Amazing. I did not know exactly how much Mr. White was raising or spending in this race, a race that is just as much about the "good old boys" Democratic Party vs. the Democratic party of the average North Carolina voter, as about Democrat vs. Republican. I would like to thank my volunteers, all who have worked, often tirelessly, without pay to allow me to stay competitive with Mr. White. I would also like to thank the many small donors who have contributed since this is a true grassroots campaign made up of working people, small business owners, retirees and frustrated educators. The last is ironic in itself since the NCAE endorsed my opponent,telling me that the reason they choose him was because his money made him more electable. They also told me that I was a wonderful candidate for education despite their endorsement of my opponent. They will not deny either of these statements. A lot of teachers are supporting my campaign out of frustration with this very undemocratic decision. We are a Democracy and have not yet become an oligarchy (a society ruled by the wealthy). We have fought wars to create and preserve this basic American concept. It should be the person, what they know, their passion for serving the people for the right reasons and how they can bring about change for the better that decides who will be our representatives-not how much money they or their wealthy friends have. Go to the polls on May 6 and vote for the person, not the bank account, if you want a government that represents all the people, not just a select few.

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