Lack of support frustrates Krainiak

By Cindy Beamon

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CAMDEN —  Commissioner Randy Krainiak, who was defeated in his re-election bid Tuesday, said he will leave office in December frustrated he wasn’t able to persuade fellow commissioners to build a wellness center.

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my response to Randy

To much spending was what got him defeated and might well get more defeated in time. There are already 3 Gyms in Camden and a Senior center along with 2 YMCA's in neighboring counties. As for 18 year olds having something to do? At that age they should be looking for a job.

Too sad

To read this story go to the murder article. It is a game invented by the DA. Mix stories and headlines and see if you can match the right story to the headline. The mistakes in the paper copy are just as bad. They should be embarrassed at the quality (or lack of) that they produce.

Krainiak's not the only one frustrated.

TDA could use a proofreader.

If not a proofreader,

at least someone who actually pays attention to what they're doing.

Lack of story frustrates

Lack of story frustrates sparatus.

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